All da Chopetz


7:50 hahaha da 10/4 cummah!!!

Randomly, diz 88 got a gud voicing too.
Rezpek da karate mofos tone production, not percussive at all.

Haha diz genzui 10/4! :ho:

Haha da black key cummah! 10:00

Fuckkkkk da golden age vibe going!


I still feel that way! But I guess that’s why we’re not Argerichs and Moiseiwitschs!


Trololol hahaha thanks for the detailed analyziz! The piano definitely wasn’t the easiest to play on, but I’ve had far more unfortunate encounters for my first two performances of the 27… :sweat_smile: It was a 1899 rosewood Steinway, btw




the cello etude was super respecable moizt btw. I really liked that one.


I was at CES so missed this epicness. Detailed summary of that my travels below…


great job
playing them separately is one thing - but the complete set is just fantastic


16:40 da 10/8 cummah!!!

Hahaha fuck. Smooth!
Randomly @karatechopin how much to you stretch? Diz lil 10/8 wuz nevah too comfy fo ma webbed fingaz


I can reach an 11th with my LH and 10th with my RH, but it’s not always helpful because the size is mostly due to my palm than the length of my fingers! Anyway, it keeps me thinking about how I need to move every other part of my body and all that sheeyat.


Thanks Brew! I have a sad story about a dangerously depressed man and his coping mechanism (delusional escapism) that’s running through my mind when I play that one, hence the moiztcha


That’s interesting. Do you often develop programmes like that for the pieces you play?


My hand is the same: big palm but not especially long fingers. I can reach an 11th comfortably in both hands “under” the keys, but some tenths over the keys I can’t really play (e.g. in the left hand, Ab, Eb and C). That chord was from a striding Tatum bass. If I ever learnt that properly I’d have to leave out the Eb.


It kind of depends! Sometimes it spontaneously comes as I am analyzing the structure. In the case of the Cello Etude, I was trying to make sense of the harmonies and that’s what I arrived at. I don’t care to share what these images are since the content of “narrative” can be subjective, but it’s important for me to deliver a sense of rhetoric and relationships so that the listener can come up with one.


Good stuff. The 25/6 is really good. Impressive that you didn’t run out of steam towards the end. Sounds like a nice older 88.