Bortkiewicz E minor Etude, Op. 15 (Presto furioso, heh)


I haven’t played the Chopin or Brahms in over 5 years, just so you know. But I would re-visit them at some point because there are masterpieces, imo (I do have other criteria for playing music, other than their perceiver popularity). I would NEVER get tired of hearing either the Chopin 3rd sonata or Brahms 2nd concerto (which is actually not played that often becuase it’s so damn hard). Prok. and Shosty just don’t interest me in the same way, quite frankly.
You should try out some Bartok, the Out of Doors suite is terrific, and the Ginastera sonatas are pretty cool too.



I am playing Ginastera 3 danzas argentinaz. I have already learned the two first ones but the third one is difficult for me. And I can only play it when few of my fammily members are home… Have you play the danzas?

-The Mephisto


Koji have you recorded any other bort pieces? I have quite a lot of his scores but don’t know what any of them sound like. Great playing btw.


koji, i requezt a recordin of da c sharp minor ballade

i love dat piece, n if u can play it wit az much fury az u say u can, it will beat da COMBz rec


Played 6 etudes and the ballade (maybe learn the 1st concerto at some point). Once I get a decent performance of the Ballade on record, I’ll post it; wasn’t happy with the way I played it at Bargemusic.



Yeah, it’s pretty loud, heh. I heard those pieces played ad nauseum growing up, but they’re very good. You should check out the sonatas.



RESPEC :doc:

haf u read thru or heard ANY of da otha 2 concerti?

da 1zt bort concero iz actually tied fo ma fav concerto, along wit da rocky3 n da grieg (thankz to da phenomenal :ziff: rec)

so even if dey r half az WIKID, dey vil still be very gud


I finally found a source for the sheets, so hopefully I can can get the other two sometime this summer. Apparently, one is for the left hand (which I think you already knew).



hahaha indeed, dey haf to be da mozt criminally underplayed concerti in da literature, considering deir quality


Not to mention the Mozskowski concerto, which is fabulous.



datz played a bit mo tho, to ma knowledge


RESPEC to da koj!
Da moszkowski iz prity dang nize!! :slight_smile:


hahahaha wtf?

da mozk


Haha da young @Mephisto zumwut rude n furiouz to da WOOD in diz golden age topiq :whale:


I used to like da Bort at one point, but pozz needs da DOC to record some sheeyat. Da Eros impromptu which da WOOD and da COQ used to play is a wikid sheeyat.


Used to? I still love him. He’s at his best when he isn’t being too derivative.


should it be da Bort or da Bork?


I used to be such a jerk lmfao


Uzed to? :sunglasses:


Yeah, I don’t have time for him anymore. There’s too much music that I don’t know yet.