Can U tell a Penizt iz Female juz by hearin her?


Or iz it impozzible to tell?

  • Tru U can FO ZHOR tell
  • No U can neva be zure
  • U can uzually tell but zumtyz a big butch dyke cummah n prove ma azz wrong

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da zepp can actually tell a female penizt


in a zituation where

dey iz playin a BIG MOFO ZONG


when u iz forced to zweat lyk da WHALE

da chickz uzually zmell bettah :sunglasses:


Hahaha fuck.

Randomly an interesting hiztoricahl prezedent someweah in da writingz of da HONEY-KAR (hu wrote a very purple proze book on da CHOP) in dat he said he cud tell aftah a PIMP RECTAL which seatz hud been occupied by mofoettez.


I wud zay dat if U wuz given 50 recz. 25 female 25 male.

U wud not accurately guezz dem all…but fo ZHOR haf an educated guezz dat gave U a level ov accuracy at leaz on par :zhredah: wiz da ZEPP GALA perf :zepp: :sunglasses:

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This is a weird one I think. Men/women have such different personalities IRL that you’d think it’d translate to music as well, but it’s actually really hard to tell. Years ago now Tony and I played a guessing game with pianists, and usually it wasn’t that clear, but there were cases in both directions where I was absolutely positive about the gender only to be proven wrong when the answer came.

The safest way to tell I think is about like what Zepp is on to above - if you have a pianist who can exert great force over prolonged periods of time, that’s probably a fat Russian dude.

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Nobody iz forced to zweat like da WHALE :stuck_out_tongue:
Dat practically cunztitutez a climate change emergency.


Don’t bet on it


What I’ve learned myself about this incidentally is that I like “women who play like men” (and often look like them as well). All my favourite female pianists have this really sturdy constitution and a direct way with the keyboard, plus a full tone. de Larrocha, Hess, Tomsic, Bachauer, Grinberg… Maybe the exception confirming the rule is Polina Leschenko. I really love her playing, and she does look like a woman. Feminine playing style too.


ahahahaha diz theory vil be inztantly raped when

da revizionizt zepp notate hiz GALA UNLEAZH into a

100% accurate zheeyat :sunglasses:

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Haha tru n da FAKERUDY fo zhor da chairman ov da board on da nu Rocky concz urtext edition :sunglasses:

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No you can’t

Then again

You can’t always know if a pianist is female, even on VID


ahahahaha :sunglasses:


ahahah tru REZPEC diz 19th-century inveztigazheeyat journalizm/pazt-tym :sunglasses:

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Sniffing out da factz :sunglasses:

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honey-kar…? :lib:



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:tm: :hui: :tm: :hui: