Cherkazzky Danze Ruzze


Da 88 :pear: report:
Beats da shit out of the piano. Moments of CG, very surprising details (that last massive crescendo!) combined with unstable sense of rhythm


Da MELO cummah

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Damn, he got toes for fingers!


Evidently Hofmann was too busy with his extramarital affairs to actually teach Cherkazzkah properly in the 20’s

Man, da curved ass fingers, clunky fingerwork n chords n all ovah raped sound

Why did Melo issue this again?
Cherkassky had wikid moist control but he sure as hell was not a virtuoso and had no business programming da Brahms Panini, pimpzon, Pedoshushka, DJ etc

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Plays like it too :fire:


His name is linked with Curtis for evah but honestly I don’t believe he was a good teacher…


hopefully I can try da HOFF custom 88 soon, dere haff been sum plans to tour da mofo HO 88 style