classic SDC - da 1st eva sheeyat


I’m pretty sure we used to use the term tru mofo and tru fucking mofo, which inspired the nick. In the early days everything was: tru, or quite or randomly. Quite pozz a legacy of da Egyptian River Ed from pf. That one’s fallen away but the others remain.


Da 15 yr cummah in juz a few monthz :icon_stopw_sdc_473::sunglasses:


haha is da Comme OceanEt a local benchmark?


:icon_stopw_sdc_473: :joy:


Tru da term local a bit ambiguous :sunglasses:


a LOCO benchmark :sunglasses:






How much does da love of speed here translate to other pursuits? It seems no one aside from me listens to punk. Does anyone else like skydiving? Is this speed only for classical?


Tru diz iz a purzuit ov zpeed az a meanz ov dizplayin technical zkill

Diz iz not about ‘Wow I love da zound ov glizzandoz everywhere’

Tiz relative to da difficulty ov da tech, n da excitement cummah from dizplayz ov inzane virtuozic prowezz


Da Comme not zo much into punk but enjoy zum metal :metal:



Tiz tru when yo scalez start to sound like a fuckin glizz




if u iz uzed to da ’ wutevah happenz dun zl*w down’ ztylee of 88 playin

da zkydivin wud not be a recummended zheeyat tru :sunglasses:


ahahahah TRU diz da correct filozophy

dere haff to be an element of ‘HOW DA FUCK?’ to cumplement da mo obviouz 'DAIIIIM DAT IZ FAZT" :sunglasses:


Same. Although I also like some punk and post-punk.


I’ve tended to use “if I fuck up, go faztah” as a perf ztrategy. :smiley:


ahahahah da FEZTINMOFO haff a ZMOOTH FURY ztylee wiz wikid cuntrol

i hily doubt u wud evah need to rezort to diz kind of clazzik rape move :sunglasses:


Haha, somewhere I have a very old rec of a totally out of control :kan: FIZTIN iirc time iz undah 8 minz


HAHAHAHA FUCK U/L DIZ fo pozterity tru :sunglasses:


Hahaha UL NOW!!!