Clazzic Thalburglah moizt


Haffing pozted a very iffy rec for CG purpozez, to redrezz da balance…

dis is one of mah fave recz, I think da 88 iz zatizfyingly warm and da compo iz beautiful.

I can’t guarantee this plays in all regions, but where it does, you should also be able to access da full album if interested, obviously I’ve posted stuff from it before and I know comme has it already :sunglasses:

Deeply fond of this collection on a personal level.


HAHAHA tru I rememba liznin to da albumz lazt yr on random beach walkz a lot

N I rezpecfully found dem on DEMONOID which zeemz to be fuckd now

Due to u hackin deir mainframe zervahz in revenge fo yo albumz bein leakd pozz? :sunglasses:


Ahaha fuck dat wud be a fine dizplay ov fury :sunglasses:



diz indeed a legendary album!!!

da perfect balance of ZPEED FURY n MOIZCHA :sunglasses: