Da 25 greatezt peniztz EVAH - Includin da DONGAH, BAREN n BRENDULL


Not great enough, sorry. :dong:

And where’s Hofmann…? He was a leading name for 40 years and is frequently talked about and referred to even today.

After all my negative posts in this thread I would try to turn this and focus on something positive about the article, but it’s kinda hard. I suppose I’m glad they knew Beethoven was a paino player?


I’m just surprised they remembered :pimp:


How come none of you knowledgeable cunts has a website to promote a proper list?


Nobody would read it lol.

I do have a website :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I should start a blog, for nobody to read either. :sunglasses:


Haha wut iz da audience figurez ov BBC Radio 3 vz Clazzic FM in da UK?

I rememba it bein inzanely deprezzin


Settle down nigga. Tiz not da question dat iz cunfuzing mofoz, juz da answahz :whale:


Working on it :v::sunglasses:



I’ve seriously considered starting a blog in the past, but it would be so opinionated and probably not particularly polite either :joy:


Wut happened to da HOUGH blog?

Dat wuz a bit gensui at tymz


ATM I’m tired of words. If I could upload everything into one gigantic orgasm I would.

What are you trying to make?




www.dasdc.net :sunglasses:


Ahahahah i didn even notice da lack of DOC n ZIFF until da VOL pointed it out


Zo we can zponzah a BAREN vz DOC duel

rez-erect da WEIMAH CAZINO wiz real cazh, 50/50 oddz

n promote it to readahz of dat zite :moneybag: :sunglasses:


I think that’s about what’s needed today actually. I don’t read a lot of music journalism (et al), but when I do I’m so tired of the emptiness of it. Speak your mind! It does depend on the writing style, but as long as opinions are motivated I want to hear them.


A website where I will promote my lizt of da grateiezt peniztz EVAH


Lack of da MACHINE alzo. No Friedrice is pozz cuz they’ve not heard of him :stuck_out_tongue: he would be in my top 25 fo sho.

I legit like JYT, but doubt I’d make him top 25. Top 10 living, yes.


Haha, nobody really wants to read a four page rant about da Brendull’z flazzid :pimp:playing



da :tophat: :o: zhud alzo be on dere :sunglasses:


Haha I was in a hurry to a train, which I’m now on. I’m building a website which at its heart will detail the recorded legacy of the leading pianists of each generation, plus the ones I personally feel were “important” for one reason or another. I’ve thought about this however and it will have something of this grateizts ov charachter, or at least look that way, since I can’t cover every pianist in existence, and since I won’t find the motivation to spend time on figures I don’t think are worth spending any time on. It’s a gigantic undertaking however, probably 200 names, and it won’t be online for many years yet.



diz zound lyk a rathah EPIC UNDAHTAKIN

randomly iz u aware of da PIANOWIZARD mofo from circa 20 yrz ago?

diz mofo had da moz inzanely cumprehenzive 88 zite on da yahoo geocitiez zheeyat n tru da legendary zcope of wut u iz attemptin bringah to mind diz clazzik mofo :sunglasses: