Da 25 greatezt peniztz EVAH - Includin da DONGAH, BAREN n BRENDULL


fuckkkkkkkkkkk ztill here



Gosh, yes but I haven’t been there since ca 2001. What I’m doing is different though - I’m not so concerned with releases, but with what was recorded. I’m detailing sessions & concerts.


ahahahah REZPEC

hiz top 10 lizt iz almoz a perfect zubzet of yo top 25

da one except iz da CUDA (not on yo lizt but on hiz)

zo u mofoz may haff very zimilah taztez :sunglasses:


In da LEZBO zect on da 88wiz zite:
" In other words, the 1837 set is even more difficult than the Transcendental Etudes . Claudio Arrau and Alfred Brendel, both Liszt specialists, once said that these 1837 etudes are so difficult that no one today can play them in concert."

Ok, fuck u brendull, I vil prog one in rectal.



Diz zhud be a piece of pizz cuntzidahrin u haff already ziteraped da 1837 ZEPP :sunglasses:


I won’t try da FF :stuck_out_tongue:
But I won’t cheat eithah by doing da PIZZAGE.

Da VIZION looks doable in da 1837 version.

Pozz da 1837 LAPD quazi-zightrape cummah.


Hahaha dis review of a CAMELDICK RECTAL. Soundz like it was a mazzive rapefezt!



AHAHAHAH truuuu da klazzik CAMEL rectal

I alzo lyk how da 88wizard mofo fully endorze rape in zum of hiz reviewz :sunglasses:


My list wasn’t my list though, but an attempt to do a more proper top-25 list than ClassicFM by using some criteria. Gould would never be near a top-25 list of my own! (while de Larrocha, Pogo, Bolet, etc certainly would)

I would have included Gilels randomly if there had been more spots since I think he ticks every box, he ended up among those last 8 I had to bin.


So you’ll transfer your pdf to a public site and cover about 200 pianists? I was working on that Russian site but I just lost interest. I think I made it through 80 of about 6-700 pianists.


Tru, da 1837 LAPD zightrape ULing right now :sunglasses:


Yes, exactly. I’ve been re-working it over the past year or so and have 225 pianists in the main section, of which 208 are “done”. There’ll be some more things around it, but it will be heavily centered around recordings.


tha ZIFF tha VOL tha DOC :icon_stopw_sdc_473:


Nononono. Lang Lang, Andsnes, and Clara Schumann.


hahahahahaha tha legendary miztah green!


Da SWEDISH Andsnes hatred :sunglasses:


A list THAT mediocre with no


Tragic :sunglasses:
Diz insane lack of consistency


Hahahaha where iz da GAV in yo top 10 robbah? :sunglasses:


You just wait till I get to the Swedes =)

No I don’t have a problem with Andsnes, I just… I find his interpretations completely agreeable, well understood, balanced, executed all thumbs up and not a cloud in the sky - but I also find him completely unengaging. Never have the mundane been so beautifully delivered as with him. It’s not hatred, it’s disinterest - he’s like looking for art in the wallpaper catalogue from IKEA.