Da 25 greatezt peniztz EVAH - Includin da DONGAH, BAREN n BRENDULL


Sorry :x:-:blossom:

If it’s any consolation I do think he’s better than anyone in history from La Suède.


Hahaha diz zcandinavian rivalry

I iz picturin zum viking battle cummah zoon :sunglasses:


Naming “famous” Swedish 88iztz isn’t easy.

Jablonski and Ullen.

Ingeborg Starck… for being a :pimp: pupil and marrying someone who wrote a totally kickazz but underrated 88conc. :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly, as a general point da MEF appreciated the Swedes better than Norwegians


I don’t care for either of the Ullens myself, but Jablonski has done some good things - and used to be fun to hear live too thanks to his exuberant personality. We also have Pär Lund, who is a genius, with all the incredible abilities that come with it, but he’s… “special”, and really only interested in composition.

The only Scandinavian pianist I keep an eye on myself is Mustonen. He’s a bizarre musician and I normally find him more annoying than good, but every now and then he shakes his kaleidoscope and shows you something incredible which could only have come from him.