Da BACH Thread


Dizcuzz yo fav piecez by BACH , yo fav perfz

N alzo hiz otha non-keyboard workz

And tranniez lyk da BUZ , da GOD etc.

Hopefully we can finally find a way to cuntvert da ZEPP :sunglasses:


It took me years to get in to this but favourite piece/perf right now is this:

That Courante is as divine as music is ever likely to get. I’m also increasingly often visiting this channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Bachvereniging, although I’m only sort of enjoying it.

10 years ago Bach was pretty far down my list tbh. Today he’s on the B team with Beethoven behind Chopin and Liszt, but my honest prediction is that it won’t stay that way for long. If Chopin and Liszt give you nature, culture and people, with Bach it’s as if the universe itself is writing music. I only appreciate him more and more every year.


My favorite piece for solo instrument is the Chaconne. I really like the Musikalisches Opfer as well, to name something else.


As Bach is one of my fav. composers, I really don’t know where to start.
I love people like Gustav Leonhardt or Ton Koopman (harpsichord, organ).
I enjoy Harnoncourt very much (Cantatas etc.)
For piano, for original works I like the Russians like Vedernikov and S. Richter, but also Myra Hess or Lipatti. For the WTC I like Eunice Norton.
For the trannies I love Egon Petri

ABM is still my fav. for the Chaconne
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Diz piece 1 of ma favz…incredibly foreboding and epic.


Ok ok!

Da zepp capitulate :sunglasses:


Listen to the french suites played by Perahia. Amazingly good

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WHy wud I even need to afta da ZEPP vid juz pozted :sunglasses:


TRU da zepp able to probe deep n reveal da moz profound gensui of da BACH :sunglasses:


this is my favourite piece, & fav recording. First two movements but particularly the fugue – the fugue is truly sublime. I don’t know how to explain it beyond it being a searingly spiritual piece. It’s like the last few pages of Camus’ Outsider where all the truth pours out in some primal scream.


Oh wait… :sunglasses::innocent::zif::pimp:


Da :pimp: cumz n rezcues dat theme n makes it WIKID

I’m also fond ov da SOFROTITZKY rec

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Bach is truly the greatest composer of all time. I love the vocal music (cantatas and passions) a lot


I luv da inzane organ works

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haha da bezt place to ztart fo da BACH , an inzanely catchy fugue

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Muzik ov da heavenz

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1 ov BACHz moz accezible n popular zuitez

2 wikid perfz

Tiz alwayz intereztin to read da writing undah hiz vidz in da dezcription, really well written analyziz n zhedz lyt on da piecez

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Diz piece far mo accezible den da GOLDBERGZ

ratha wikid


tru da lazt mvmt pozz mah fav Bach sheeyat.

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I zaw diz mofo concert
gud tech with mild :tm: cognitive dizzonance :sunglasses:

da look / voice mismatch even zrongah with diz german mofo :