Da :ho: :pimp: BAL 2 additionz - taztelezz zheeyat or GENSUI?


HAHAHAHA dat WTF part juz afta 13 min in tru

  • Taztelezz n ZHEEYAT!
  • Tazteful yet zheeyat
  • Taztelezz but WIKID
  • Tazteful n wikid tru
  • Da :ho: iz juz da :ho: he can do wut da fuck he want

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Well I’ve heard him do worse, if I can put it that way.


HAHAHA examplez?


Legend 2, the Mophosto waltz… :ho:

I think he did well with the Rach Sonata, Islamey, his appended ending to Mendelssohn 104 etc, but often - and in Liszt in particular - I find his alterations vulgar and tasteless.


HAHAHA I actually think dey are gensui but DIZ in da BAL2 iz juz fuckin random zplattah fezt CG lyk zumzheeyat da :ghey::lib: wud do :ho:


Yeah, but it’s such a short passage. I’d rather hear Liszt’s solution but if VH wants to do this fine.


Randomly I agree but I’d still listen becuz tiz da :ho:


Well, I can hear a GIANT medieval catapult throwing ovah tar at da invaded city n den da soldiers going in to ANALLY RAPE everyone n pillage da gold.


Ahahaha, aftah all, da ZHITWELL zaid da :pimp: bal 2 wuz “concerned less with personal suffering [in contrast with Chopin’s Ballades] than with great happenings on the epical scale, barbarian invasions, cities in flames… and mazz anal rape”. Pozz :sunglasses:



Da mazzive bazz crazhes iz da zounds ov da medieval catapult



Love some of the stuff in the Mephisto Waltz and Vallee D’Obermann, but yeah the 2nd Legend is really annoying, and I’m the biggest Ho fan on the planet.


What you all think of the 19th rhapsody? I like it best of his Liszt noodling but maybe unique in this view.


I think itz his best one Tru :ho:


I really didn’t understand the criticism of his Mephisto Waltz.

To.be frank, I always thought it was nothing short of simply epic, transcendental.

The octaves part sound like thunder. Really this is Horowitz at the peak of his expressive power, far beyond the reach of most pianists.

I guess this speaks volumes for how diverse opinions can get in music.

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Yes, it does.


Sounds like a :rocky: harmonic influence, not to my taste but fun!


It’s all yours. I agree it’s expressive but I think it’s vulgar and ugly, I don’t see the work that way at all.

It’s a well known divider - Antti Siirala, a semi-famous Finnish pianist, hated everything Horowitz during his student days except that recording, which he thought was spot on.


I would have preferred a smooth 1932 rendition to be honest.


Tru, me too. That would have been really interesting. I think he played it as written then too IIRC.

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In some book I thought I remembah an anecdote of da HO hearing da ball 2 on da radio and zayin zumthin lyk “who iz diz zheeyat”?

But it wuz him from yrz earlier :ho:

Maybe that wuz about a different zong tho