da clazzic tm brotha Waldstein vid (complete)



2 &3.


tru. From 2011



I’ve been meaning to tell you this earlier, but I think you should seriously reconsider your rep. I’m really enjoying this - it’s clear minded, tasteful and above all interesting to listen to. I won’t tell you why since I fear you’ll begin to overdo it if you’re conscious about it, but what I can say is that it’s got a meticulousness to it you normally don’t associate with LvB but which I think works and is refreshing to hear. I’d love to hear you play more early and mid LvB, and I bet you’d do Haydn well too for instance. I think this is the path forward for you, and what you should be spending your time on rather than all that high-flying, titanic virtuosisheeyat. Try either of the sonatas around this one for instance when you have time over - Op.54 is very difficult (me thinks anyway), but the 49s aren’t that much work to get spinning.


I think that you are correct, I’m not exactly a romantic penizt, tru.

Howevah, I would like to work on all da classic virtuoso sheeyatz while I can still play dem 8)
And lesser known lyric*l pimp sheeyatz too 8)

I’m considering just completely whoring myself out on youtube and recording these when I have time:

Moonlight Sonata 8)
Chopin Son 2 - tag it as funeral march
A chop noct - pozz da 55-2
Liszt Lezbodream 3
Debussy Claire de Lune (inztant 100k views pozz, if I drezz extra ghey)

Ma Strauss Weiner Blutt tranny
Finizh da Strauzz Blue Ballz Daboob for LH alone

Chop 10-2 and coldfart
Sum scribets, defintely da 8-12

Beware guys, I’m gonna go all POON.
I’ll put on a fuckin pink dress if I have to 8)


It’s good to keep your fingers active if nothing else. I think every pianist should always have something like a TE or Liszt Rhapsody etc running in the background, or you’ll quickly end up a Schnabel or Barenboim or something where the tech isn’t really there even in a Schubert sonata.

But for you, I think the money and career is in this stuff. Not because it’s easier technically, but because it’s a more interesting match with your personality at the piano IMO.


I’d enjoy playing other repertoire too, it would help moi improve.
Besides, a penizt should have at least a few early brotha sons, schubert, debussy, ravel, late Scriabin in their rep.

I’ve applied to so many Liszt competitions over the years, that the bulk of my rep is obscure Liszt. Fuck.


Btw thanks fo da support, daddy 8)

I will stick my dick out there and attempt another op 111 vid too


My 2c. Op.111 is LATE :brotha: though, and that’s something else. But sure, give it a go too.



daiiiim i dizagree 8)

i think da TRUMOFO ztrengthz lie in

inzane oct unleazh, zpeedy jumpz in both handz, zcale/arp FURY patternz n random impro 8)

bazically if u play too much early-middle BROTHA u vil loze all diz tech in no tym 8)

tho i agree moz of da middle-early brotha zonz r wikid. n diz TRUMOFO waldo iz alzo CLAZZIC, da zepp fav zect iz da oct-theme + random zcalez FURY unleazh 3minz into da 3rd mvmt, alzo da CHILL-TRILL endin :sunglasses:



diz FO ZHOR da way to go

:approved: 8)


I could also record something that is so awful that it could instantly end up on da youtube front page.

Or maybe juz go full whore and start a CAMSHOW where I jerk off and promote my recz to horny Asian MILFS.

Man, da zepp was right. I should have accepted mah students offer last year and let him promote ma azz in China dat summer. Da TM ex really fucked wiz da TM head tru 8)

how about a LADY GAGA piano cover? While wearing a fucked up mask. But not too fucked up, otherwise bigbrotha youtube would give me a strike 8)

Or becum a FLAT EARTH pianist, and promote ma sheeyat on flat earth sites.
It’s a growing market.

If worse comes to worse, I’ll becum a tranny 8)


AHAHAH da firzt two r both GENSUI IDEAZ

da 3rd zheeyat tho, u may loze zum chickz from yo core fanbaze, alzo zum mofoz

lyk da ZKEPTO 8)


I see…

Rezpek da zepp clearheaded judgement



I requezt u rework diz clazzic!


trumofo wildstein facialz

From jyard, pozz 2013?


Tru, I remember this. You did this really well. :+1:



da FACIAL VIEW a truly undah appreciated cam angle!!

randomly we cud even invent a game called:

GUEZZ da zong from facialz alone :sunglasses:


HAHAHAHA FUCKKK diz add a whole nu ziniztah vibe to diz interp :sunglasses:

Da TM facially zumwut reminizheeyat ov da :genie: :ru:


Dat jyard nuclear fallout-grade steel prax room door giff moi ptsd