da inztant clazzic POZT YO PIC THREAD


Well, maybe ah update my picture then. ^





tru da fuckin pip’z avatar! I know da creepy vampiah dude zhe iz wizz! Diz iz zick, tru! I uzed to play diz online game called CE, n diz muthahfuckah wuz a membah, tru. zum english, stupid closet-fag called Cleric Aeternuz. Hey vampira-wanna-be-bitch:

u tell da fuckin cleric dat da WOOF WOOF WOOF told hiz-totally-not-bad-,-totally-micro–cock-zelf to go attempt to fuck hizzelf, but hiz microcawk zhall not allow it, n thuz CG, humiliation ztyle.




needz moh :stop:



tiz da tag heuer, a bit tru
da jeff'z intenze look.jpg


i cant beat da JEFF put hiz fingahz in da picture 8)


diz zpecz a bit fazhionable :wood:




tiz true; nice :stop: , as well.


tru, damn nice specs.

and randomly da VOLODYA looks completely not as I had imagined him :lib:


tru, courtezy ov da Houze of Prada

da zhirt iz Paul Zmith btw

big pimpin’, tru :wood:

da jeff alwayz thought da VOL wuz black


Can tailored HK suits be far behind? :ho:


funny u mentioned that, i saw a shop in Central with sign ‘cloth of Ermenegildo Zegna’

Zegna is great, but i am more inclined towards the style of Dolce.




hahahah i am not hogging their slippers line

just to avoid feeling like a bag of douche, i think i will go with Zegna


AHAhahhahahaha tha VOL lookz a bit lyk he haz killd n vil kill agin :rock:


how the hell do you post pics so that they show up here

(not a computer person)


Upload them somewhere (people usually use imageshack.us) and then put the link here inbetween

so if the URL was www.mansperm.com/musicdarksangel.jpg, you should post