da inztant clazzic POZT YO PIC THREAD


30+ yo women are awesome
and i don’t have a trip to malaysia planned soon
but you can do it
and report back to uz





haha fuckkk da shreddah randomly does look like alex in dat pic, juz need da hat, eyelashes, cockpiece and cane and he’ll be tolchocking malchicks and giving devochkas the ol’ in/out in no time.


haha wtf tiz not da zhreddah



The sheer gensui of da Jacko’s picture. Kachang Putih? WTF are you holding?

Jacko, I don’t think we’ve chatted before, but I’m a Singaporean neighbour. You’re one of the legends here, sowing your seed before I joined back a few years. Fucking A.

Just for the record -


he looks just as thrilled to meet you :wink:




he didn’t seem particularly pleased to meet the audience when I saw him either, although he was gracious and kind enough… I guess it must be a hassle having to meet people after you’ve exhausted your efforts playing the piano. Especially after Rach 2 & 4 (when I saw him) or the 3 “2nd concertos” he played when you met him…


kacang putih datz right… i thought i was called kacang kuda … no wonder those people didnt seem like understand me

was doing charity in a disabled school


wow da :whale:


haha mart knows all too well how thrilled da WHALE apperas in pics wif adoring fanz.




daim Op22 and Coq, I pozz will cum to da Singapore in May
wanna meet up pozz?[/img]




pozt a pic u mofo 8)


i vil pozt a pic ven mah emoticon iz reztored



Nice! - Mine too. :dong:


Respect! 8)


@Mephisto: Not so far from mine then.

I’m going on an exercise to Rockhampton (down south) end of this week, anything good there?