da inztant clazzic POZT YO PIC THREAD


Norway-Australia? WTF?


hahahaha i remembah tha pianiztmo on 88ztreet once commentd tha meph lookd lyk a homelezz crackhead hittin tha pipe a few yrz ago



omg no i meant not so different from mine. oopz


haha random gensui from diz biatch.




haha da volodya n doc same poze 8)

ur gf took so long to take that pic i was getting uncomfortable tru 8)


Who is who?


Me, some pianist, VOLODYA and a friend of mine


aahhahaha legendary! :doc:


fixed 8)


haha rezpec!

da vol haz a wikid anglo-fro happening. 8)


tru i juz zcord my muthafhukin street sign from da hurricane :doc:


hahha tru i hav no clue how to resize dat sheeyat :blush:


gotta upload that shit somewhere else and post a direct link here to do that.




haha, awesome, candain. pretty awesome sign.


Haha da Oxford street, pozz not a sign you’d wanna hang on yo wall if you wuz from Oz. 8)


thznks dude!


haha TRU bro chicks here are like :unamused: when i tell them i live at oxford. there iZ homeless shelter and soup kitchen and sheeyat. but now that i have da sign i feel any sheeyat iz pozzibl.