da inztant clazzic POZT YO PIC THREAD


Hahha tru


Haha diz legendary thread!
Amazed that some of these pics still work.
This also reminded me of da anima dancing with cat pic from da cf, gensui. 8)


Dude it’s been more than 10 years when will you ever stop reminding me



hahah tru ur random north pole pics on FB are much more impressive. 8)


iceland dude 8)


hahahahaha 8)


I hope none of my pics work anymore.
Then again, I wish I was still 21. :ho:




Hahaha diz thread a bit a but remenicsouz

I was gonna cry until I saw trumofo

Now I will probably cry in my sleep :doc:



:stop: :stop: :stop:

Real legends don’t sleep 8)


damn u 32 now


Hahaha da ephemerality of being :stop:


Sheeyat, I iz 26 and balding.

Fuck male pattern baldness.


It really feels like time is speeding up.
When I was in school it felt like forever until the end of the year.
Now, I’m wondering where the last 10 years went. :ho:


da vol reposted tha classic anima, vol, doc pic on fb.
haha man da anima looks about 15 in that sheeyat. :dong:


I wuz juz 22 like yesterday…
Where is da GURU OV TIME when you need hiz azz


hahaha tru

its like da doc sucked 15 years of life out of me and added it to himself



Rezpek yo self!


Haha this classic reference, back when the nba wasn’t ghey. 8)

Hahahaha come back rob :cry:

And damn the photos that still work, we look like a bunch of kids. :zhreddah:


For old times’ sake.
This is a couple of years ago in Russian class (on the right).
About to sing Подмосковные вечера