da inztant clazzic POZT YO PIC THREAD



Randomly, da TRUMOFO never tried weed or even a cigar or cigarette.


But then again, I’m probably insane enough already 8)


I’d hit da far left. Asian or sum kind of brotha?


She’d be of indochinese origin.
I’ve forgotten her name, randomly.

Tru, you’re high on life 8)
I don’t smoke that often, maybe like 5 times this year.
Even cigarettes I’m smoking less and less.


Tru, keep yo lungs healthy.
Randomly you never what kind of health issues could pop up unprovoked.
Why make da statistical odds worse tru.

I happen to love fatty foods and high sugar stuff, fuck!


No one else posting pics? 8)
I see that anima is rocking a teen stache on fb


I have never really used this, and not at all over the past 5 years or so, but I think a few pics of me are in here:



With da MZM president during a random school BBQ



TM, your pics are sideways but rezpec.

This is one of only two selfies I think I’ve ever tried to take.
As you can see it was only partially successful.
10 points if you can recognise the location and know why I was taking this pic.
Hint it was featured in a Nouvelle Vague film. :wood:


No film buffs here?
I reckon Chris could probably get it, and Koji if he still posted here.

dailymotion.com/video/x1ijt_ … t_creation


I used to watch da old sheeyat like 10 years ago.
When I still used to watch TV.



When you no longer have to practise 6-8 hours a day, you can get some solid film/TV watching in. :comme:


I need to get back to 6 hours a day, gotta remember that I’m single, not enslaved to a poozy at da moment 8)


Yeah might as well make the most of it.
Although I guess it depends on what else you’ve got going on.
In my first year I barely went to class so 6 hours a day wasn’t so difficult.
In later years I decided to be a bit more conscientious but it made it harder to get my hours in.
Fortunately/Unfortunately, I’m super obessive so I would force myself to do 6 hours minimum even if I had 5 hours of academic classes that day. But it was extremely draining.
Eventually I just went to the classes that interested me (can’t say I ever really learnt anything from them) and skipped the rest (such as piano class, complete waste of time).


Daim! Did they fail your ass?

Sheeyat. I had a student dat never came to my score reading class. Except for da exam.
She was smart enough to wear a pretty short dress so I gave her a C. And no, she couldn’t play a single example from da song tranny, fingured bazz or score reading. :dong: :dong:


That course is actually useful though.
Nope, they never failed me, these were generally courses that were so potato you could skip them and still pass.




Thanks to da Brew. I jump off the stage at 1:44


and at 0:54


Respect da fat punk rockers.


Daim! Rezpek!


haha wikid!!