da inztant clazzic POZT YO PIC THREAD





tiz moi from da company annual dinner doing da campy

pozz pro video cummah zoon

pozz (h)


Dude, you’re like a rock star or something :slight_smile:






Da Jeff from da zame evening caught-on-cam action:



The sun makes me melt:


hahahh da vanilla icecream




u look lyk a fuckin retard 8)


You think I don’t know that’s a bad pic?

I would never use a picture dat could get me identified irl :whale: :whale: .


playing De Profundis with an original movie designed to go with the piece

i’m pretty ugly but i make good french toast and bacon


hahahahahaha da zlapnut GENZUI


haha, are you ashamed of yourself or something?


hahaha fuckkkk u look lyk someone I know tru


annual or anal? :lib:


Ashamed of the pic. Tiz a bad pic.

I would not want anyone I know in RL to know I use diz except my best friend, who randomly got on here as “germoglio” and got banned 7 posts in.

Perhaps I can get a copy of my orchestra picture scanned in… Tiz wid a Steinway D :girth:


Dang, da neutered :girth: :doc:


Da flava-flav Thrac: