Da :dong: izlamic 💣 👳 mazterclazz cummah! 🇵🇰 🇨🇳


haha tru we zhud compare da waveform to da 200 live whale interprz




AHAHAHAHAH truuuuu alzo i randomly forgot da WHALE :medal_sports: perf from da TCHAIK COMP, a TRU FUCKIN CLAZZIK

mannnn zhow dat perf to todayz mofoz n dey vil azk

how did he RIG diz zheeyat? :grapes: :sunglasses:


Da :dong: “play horsey? Ah’ll be Mazeppa!”


HAHAHAH FUCK :sunglasses:


Dats rite.

Da fake furry n tino

Is actually a sped up Leonid Kuzmin rec


I like Horowitz best. Pletnev, Pogo, Berezovsky are very impressive too in their respective ways. I actually don’t remember Gavrilov, but I bet he played it well.


Aside from the recs mentioned, Gilels and Terence Judd are quality.


I started learning da Lark and realised I dont know anything else of Balakirev besides da Bombah so started investisheeyating.
Zo far, not much to report. From what I read, the berceuse and sonata (kentner rec) are worthy so will look forward to those.


There’s the Glinka paraphrase too I used to like when I was about 15… not listened to it since.

He also wrote many smaller pieces, but none were that memorable I thought when I explored them. Cherkassky used to play his Tarantella, which is essentially Chopin’s upside down.


Goldenweiser pupil Inna Malinina–known now for her Medtner recordings - - recorded 2 LPs of Balakirev while still in her prime. I have a crummy 64k copy of one which is all that stops me from uploading it to the tube. Contents:

A1 The Lark 5:35
A2 Reminiscence Of M. Glinka s Opera Ivan Susanin, Fantasia 13:11
A3 Impromtu On The Themes Of Two Preludes By F. Chopin 5:33
B1 Waltz-Caprice No. 1 6:10
B2 Waltz-Caprice No. 2 6:35
B3 Spanish Melody 4:18
B4 Spanish Serenade 5:25


Tru, the tarantella appears on the quiz :sunglasses:

I listened to wilds rec of the parasheeyat…eh…
The first scherzo is rubbish but apparently the other 2 are better.


HAhha da “rubbish”

Tru I vil use diz word around here


Who would do such a thing :zenzei:


Apparently it was one of her students – intimate ties tend to fester into such quietly underhanded spite.


It doesn’t really count as a full Islamey perf tho.
Horowitz in 1936 would have been really something

Diz was pretty gud. A bit pussy:


Plus this early cocktease: