Da lazar Berman LP remaster weekend project

So I’ve been studying hard all week learning software stacks now that I can pull good clear physical transfers.

This legendary 70s melodiya berman will be done this weekend with the new knowledge. Thanks festin for getting me interested in this side of things.

Below is the existing transfer on YouTube and is actually really good already

Ill see what I can do now.


Ok here is all I could get done. This is so insanely tedious. Is the venice and naples tararella selections.


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Here is the meth waltz. A minute in the left channel just got more and more chewed up by pervious owner. Did best to fix. This perf almost thanklessly intense. I like his later versions more but the physical dominance here pretty interesting.

Doing Liszt sonata side today. Will put time I there if it’s not fucked.


Here is da promised Liszt Sonata from the Berman. Is a bit amacha because I get squirmy sitting through liszt sonata for billionth time and didn’t want to do it twice. (I recorded using wrong gain and stepped it up in software so hisses a bit.

Perf a bit modern for me but with insane dynamic range. Sort of slaps you in the face!

Oh damn and I had channels swapped… will redo out of respect to lazer bear

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Ok this more respectful though couldn’t get some groove burn out in loud end parts.

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