da MT - how good exactly?


He’s got the chops. BUT, is he on the same level of, say Yundi Li?


yes 8)


Da MT will be more famous if either DG or EMI signs him a contract. Otherwise, it’s unlikely.

No young pianists IMO beat da Shrimp. He possesses speed, fury, singing tone, stunning scales and octaves. So, the answer is no.

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a lot of young pianistz beat dere shrimp, imo


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haha, da 1st post of dis thread
iz an ingenius quotation

noone noticed, icicic


yours or my bad selves?


hahaha, mine

itz a quote from an ancient zepp post


haha dats rite


hahaha, u haff no fuckin idea 8)


dat too






da comme knowz all abut da zepp’z history 8)


haha wtf?

8) ?


MaTing should be fuckin’ censored, dat fury iz not for children’s ears.


MJ wud disagree 8)


Actually a legendary interp ov diz rare zheeyat

Rezpec da MT, how’z hiz career goin deze dayz?

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at leazt az well az da DIARRHEA :sunglasses:


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Haha Rezpec!

Betta den Henry Wong-Doe’z career? :sunglasses:


ahahahah da HENRY WONG-DOE

i expect him to be doin fairly well az

da 2nd bezt nz penizt :sunglasses:

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Haha he perzonally funded yo Canadian relocation? :sunglasses:

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