Da Official Quiz Thread


F min - 12/20

Two annoying ones, especially the solo entrance in the Chop concerto.


haha dere is zum quite randum ztuff in da Fmaj. I have refined it cunziderably I think.


F# maj - 16/20

Though with heavy use of the pause button this time. I’m not fast enough to figure out what I’m seeing with those 6 minutes, especially not when I get interrupted all the time. The 10 min limit in later quizzes has been good me thinks.

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F# min - 17/20

Good trend. Getting there!

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Only 14/20 …

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F# min was a great one btw. Enough time, and good mix. Very difficult visually though, I guess I probably would recognize that Scriabin comp if someone played it to me but from the score I can’t make sense of it.

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Fuckkkkkkkkk Da MART zhud reveal da anzahz fo da 2nd emotizheeyat quiz :whale:

da COMME already had 2 dayz to work on it n ztill:

:nopazz: :comme: :sunglasses:


Ahahahaha DAYUM da COMME dominatin prezcence icic :sunglasses:


I vill reveal my anzwerz in Englizh, and zumone elze can tranzlate to mofo (or da name of da zong)

2- the glue song
4- dogging
7- 4 coffin at night
8- rat wizard

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HAHAHAHA REZPEC da mikey inzpiration

final guezzz:

2.da zepp :sunglasses:
4 randomly how da fuck wuz DOC CAMPY not correct?! :sunglasses:
7 ztarz n ztripez (tru da ‘ztripez’ on da coffin) :sunglasses: :ho:
8 wutevah da fuck diz mofo iz tryin to play :


fuckkkkkkkkkkk da 4 iz pozz


da fuckin DOG VALLEY :sunglasses:


G maj - 17/20

As usual I miss an obvious one - and again it’s the piano entrance in a super famous PC :angry:


Not :nigga:4?


No I took that one, Ravel beat me. I thought it had to be Ligeti or something.


G min - 18/20

Always annoying when you see what you’ve missed, but good score. I’m on a roll here.

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Ab maj - again 18/20

The hardest one randomly da brotha sonata opening, aside from the two I couldn’t figure out at all.

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Haha TRU I realize da fuckin icon I wanted to uze wuz :national_park: not da fuckin tent zheeyat
Zo I consider da firzt zepp proposal bettah :sunglasses:
da 2 iz indeed da zepp

7 iz little zparklez in cimetary aka feux follets

8 iz

MOSE-FANTAZIA :sunglasses:

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haha Fantasia did cross my mind.

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I am getting around to changing them to dizplay the title.

You mean :nigga:110?