Da Official Quiz Thread



Is that a challenge? Ebmin is next…may have no choice :kan:


You might as well include D# minor as well no?


…in which case I can auto-guess two more pieces :v::nerd_face:


2!? I’ve only got 1…
Post me a score snapshot and I will guess :rectum:


I only know two pieces in D-sharp minor!









I completely forgot about #2, till da google reminded me. :weary:

According to da IMSLP there are 9 zongz in d#minor. 1 is a zong by Ravel, da X’s 2 and anada I might use after I’ve listened to it now. The rest are contemporary sheeyats by mofo’s that juz upload to imslp.


19/20 …(EB major)


16/20, although it took a few guesses… The Cmaj and Cmin were easier for me


Was easier than I thought. Actually quite a few in Ebmin


A couple of mistakes in that last quiz (name spelling)


Tru, copy and paste didn’t help…
Fixed :rocky:


DAIM I got to 16 den cuntzidahd guezzin da 1z I didn noe but I zhud haf got da jazz 1

I wuz raped by da lack ov tempo markin :whale: diz when it’z zlow zoundz lyk zum kind ov albeniz granadoz zpanizhy zorzico zheeyat


Daim da vulnerable Pomme!
I zpecifically hide tempo markings too, a certain Czech composer makes it obvious.


You mean the dukas sounds Spanish?


I didn noe da


zhozt, khat, jan, brub


Only 17/20
Didn’t recognize da


Dukas, Janacek, Lyapunov

Da good nuuz iz I defeated da Pomme :wink:


ahahahahah da COMME zelf-impozed handicap of no-guezzz rezultin in a zumwut unpredicktable PEARMOFO victory ic



judgin by deze inzane namez from da zummariez

da zepp zelf predickted zcore iz 9/20 :sunglasses:


I iz zumwhat zurprized. Cumpared to zum of da other inzane knowledge dat da k, j, and d arent known.


ahahahah fo deze quizz in different keyz

da zepp firzt azk himzelf if he can name 3 zongz in diz key

if yez, i vil attempt

if no, i vil zave mazelf da embarrazzment :sunglasses: