Da Official Quiz Thread



E minor 17/20

I didn’t manage the Scandinavian one :sunglasses:


Grieg only happened to write it down :pimp:




Yes there he is again!


But vhy da Rhobbah iz behind da Zepp? (-8


:chop: keyz quiz


Haha zolid, got al right but diz a bit eazy


I was going to write the same thing, but I actually missed one :japanese_goblin:

Good idea though! But maybe just one comp in the next.


Haha good job mofoz but tis not mine and actually I missed one as well.
I just searched the site for moah 88 quizzez. :wink:


I do have a soft spot for Grieg. Playing a selection of lyric pieces in few months, love playing them.
Andsnes’s ballade is a great rec. He did scare the shit out of me when I had to play the cuncerto in a master class for him and he clapped his hands and goes “now for some Norwegian music” :tired_face:


I happen to love Grieg’s 88 m*zic too, played quite a few of the Lyric Zongz. Little gemz, and so well written for the inztrument.


Bezt rec ov da Grieg Ballade?


Not suah about “best” but da God’s rec. is pretty wonderful.


zo da zepp haff da faztezt average tru? :sunglasses:


Hahaha diz one alzo fart oo eazy:

Edit: but I had 28/30
Damn these definitions are confusing


At a moderate speed = moderato
Moderately slow = andante
Moderately fast = allegro


I think I’d go for Godowsky as well, but there are many excellent pianists who have played it. I have (listed):


I don’t remember his recording but at least Farrell should be worth taking a look at as well. Like the young Lupu he played like an angel, which I can imagine would suit this.


There’s also a recording of Cor de Groot, heard it once and I remember I liked it a lot.


Mustonen and Grieg :nauseated_face:
Bull in a China shop…


No I don’t believe in that either. Nor Rubinstein - mysticism wasn’t his thing, which I think plays an important role in this work.


Da Meff dun care what kind of key a piece is written for. Why du u guys care? U are prolly smarter than da Meff