Da Official Quiz Thread



And da other half


hahahahahah harzhly tha 50% 26/52 :gav:

hahah tru zum notabl onez i got wrong wuz tha ZART :dong:


Hahah da pimp anzah include da dante :pimp:


Zhouldn’t it?
2 zymphoniez - Fauzt and Dante.


I haff a new idea/zeriez
Really not expecting anyone to get 20 on this though, it’s hard coming up with 20 composers, let alone trying to identify them.


AHAHAHAHAH literally

1/20 :kan: :sunglasses:


3/20 :sunglasses:


HAHAHAH 5, n actually reconized a couple mo but

I got 1 ov dem by accident while writin da otha :sunglasses::dong:

U can c which 1


hahahahah if you get


john adams

then u alzo get tha well known SDC legend


adolphe adam :sunglasses:

which i think iz whut tha COMME meanz unlezz ther iz anothr plural zituation :lib:

tru 6/20


adamz, adam, adez, albeniz, tha KAN and arensky wer tha mofoz i got not really from tha photoz tho :sunglasses:


hahahah daim ther wuz a third



that did not zhow up when i typd it i dun think


ahaha harzhly no ALBERTI :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :gav:


Oh my god that was terrible, 3/20 :flushed:


haha originally I was going to do da slideshow ztyle but then I thought at least this way you can randomly throw in names and it will get them even if you dun know the cumposers.
Does everyone know the composers? Or was it just not the faces? I dind’t think there was any unknonws there.

The B will be cunziderably easier :nigga:


Tru. I bombed that. I got


Alkan, Albeniz, Ades, and Arensky.

And then I gave up. It might have been easier if I realized that it was only composers starting with A. Looking that the link title, I just thought your English wasn’t so good… :smiley:

B should be easier :rectum:


Haha stupid, I also didn’t realize until now they were all composers with surname A. Could have guessed quite a few more with that knowledge. Last time I tried a quiz just after waking up in the morning. Need :coffee: first.


I did also put it in full at the top of the quiz…

Anywho, redemption comes in the form of


How doez da Zepp not recognize da Albeniz! The mozt mofo looking cumpozer if there ever waz one



John Adamz, John Luther Adamz and Adolphe Adam (no z). I already gave one away for free with da Arnold so you had to put Luther Adamz for dat mofo


B was easier. 18/20. Missed:


Barry and Berlin

I really needed a win after that Game of Thrones episode :smiley:


Would anyone have recognized him hahaUnknown