Da Official Quiz Thread





Our old friends ar classific FM have put together their most fiendish quiz…
15/15 but to be fair, that dx-e interval did make me think. I still can’t quite get it, got it right based on da options.


Yeah I got 14/15. No 15 (the string instrument question) I just guessed.

I made a mistake on the dx-e interval.


Stupid I didn’t guess da:


Barber & Bruch


13/15 because of these non-88 clefs, I’ve never bothered to learn them properly. :wink:


A bit of barrel scraping but I think should at least all be known by name if not by picture.


Forget it! Only 8/20…


You didn’t know the names?


Four or five names were new to me, the rest was like “oh damn of course, should’ve guessed dat”. :roll_eyes:


Tru, some of the similar ones I’ve done on their have been basically throwing down every relevant name I can think of.


Ok, I’ve updated the previous ones and from now on am going to give hints with their most popular work.


Now with repertoire hints.


That was somehow harder. 10/20 :frowning:


Best result so far, 15! Yes, adding the names of some zongs iz helpful…I didn’t know:


Desplat, Di Capua, Denza, De Curtis, Duparc

(Btw you might want to check the title of the quiz)


Yeh, fixed that :dong:
Dis community not up on its neapolitan zongz :sweat_smile:


ahahahah FUCK

fo zhor da zepp wud zcore bettah on a

SDC membahz photo quiz :sunglasses:


:zepp: :wood: :tm: :zhredah: :lib: :zcholah:



REZPEC da perfect zymmetry :sunglasses:


E&F cumbined coz don’t think there exists 20 composers starting with E…


I think this one is easier. Just chuck every g you can think of, it’s probably there.