Da Super Mega Ultra Book of Etudes


Using an etude or 2 each from Chop, Pimp, Scrib, Rock, Dapussy, Liget, etc, if you had to make up the ultimate book of say 8-12 etudes to test a pianists ability, what would yo choose?


Mikey are you asking which etudes are the hardest? :wink:


Ahahahaha da XMOFO inztantly kill diz topic :sunglasses:





I’ll unkill it again then =)

Two of each to avoid obvious choices

Alkan: 39#1, 76#3
Chop: 10#2, 10#5
Debussy: chroms, RNs
Hamelin: Triple, Rossini
Ligeti: Warsaw, Vertige
Liszt: Feux F, Pag-4 1838 alt text :sunglasses:
Prok: 2,3
Rach: 33#5, 39#3
Scrib: 8#7, 65#1


Da PUZZETZ are a really underrated sheeyat, and really teach how to work da vulv. :orgy:


Yeh but in a cool, non 88ztreet way.
And has it not been settled 1000 times that the hardest chopet is 10/2?

Pandora: :sunglasses:




C’mon man.


Oh, I read it as puzz…
Yes, they get very little attention around here.

I was comparing Haas and uchida the other day. Uchida won but Haas was very good in the 8 fingers.




Da vertigo et strangely absent. :zepp:

Can anyone think of a piece (worth playing) where that technique is used? Pozz sum zcarlatti?


God dis awfully sl*w, da WIMMOFO double beat sheeyat interp:



I meant everyone’s favourite mereaux etude. Nick name as per the sdc Rosetta stone.

Also, Wang is nearly a minute half faster. Wtf?


Da Godetz?
Also, da Stravet Op. 7/4 is a real testah. Love dat piece.


I really can’t be arsed getting into the Godowsky. I’ve listened to a few and find them ok but not enough to sit through them.

Bartok op.18 are insane too.


Godowsky are perhaps more fascinating to read through than to hear. His contrapuntal, technical and fingering-related innovations reveal exactly why he was worshiped so much by his contemporaries.


I find the Lyapunov set quite beautiful, too - and probably some of them belong to the “most difficult” category.


I really like them as music, but I don’t think the writing breaks any new ground pianistically.