Da Super Mega Ultra Book of Etudes


Sorabji to me is all colour without an actual concrete memorable subject.

This is why the music I like most by him is music based upon material by others - laying the groundwork for him to colour it with his often-beautiful additions. But without groundwork…all I hear is pleasant if unmemorable colour.


Not long after this, in 2002 perhaps, I set out to make sense of him and listened to Gulistan over and over again over the course of a couple of weeks. I did enjoy it in the end, but not enough to take on another piece.


I assume AH would have written that. He’s a …unique one.


Doesn’t read as sufficiently verbose (nor inflated with parenthetical clauses :wink: ) to be AH.

Still, interesting to know that da JAP ATONAL FURYMASTAH has been playing some of the Sorabji TEz.


Tru. I jumped to the conclusion of ‘who else could be arsed to do it?’
To which he would obviously reply “I’m not sure to whom (or whom’s arse) you would be referring but I can be fairly certain that no one would indeed go by the name ‘arsed’”.
(or zum sheeyat like that)


Hahah tru da HINTON unique CG ztylee

I once uzed da word ‘randomly’ on da 88ztreet n he made a whole pozt da grammatically incurrect uze ov da word :dong: :doc:


A random :ho:et

Zum wikid ideaz pozz


How many of you mofos are still active on 88street? I think the last time I visited it was 2007.


ahahahahh da fuckin ZORABJI

da zepp

vil nevah make a topic about diz mofo :sunglasses:


Good ol’ cuddly Dudley :smiley:


I’m active from time to time, but either my standards have risen, or I’m jaded, or the place has got much worse over the last decade. It’s also not very active in terms of posts, and when it is, the posts are almost invariably borderline unreadable.

The last time I recall it being actively CG was when some dude tried to troll marik by talking, completely OT, about German porn.


Ok, think he was trolling everyone, but at the time he was arguing in other thread with Marik about da ho and :rectum: and their homosexuality …

Link, for cg purposes


Ahahahah da MARIK actually defected to da SDC n made zum legendary poztz

I rezheeyat among otha zheeyatz da ‘ZIFF BIG FIRE COCK’ quote :sunglasses:


Haha, yeah I’ve seen dat thread :sunglasses:



:fire: :rooster:



Da MARIK randomly remind moi of da MIKEY

A gensui free zpirited mofo trapped in a mainztream dogmadick mental prizon :sunglasses:


Daim, that’s saying something. The place was garbage already at the time I left. Basically all sycophants and bible bashers. I was only tight with da sdcers and random Aussies.


Ahahahaha truuu da MARIK wud be proud if he zaw da NU SDC :mart: wiz itz infinite emotitech

:zif: :fire: :rooster:


Dere is a FUCKIN LEGENDARY rockets perf by da marik sumwhere online (not on da 88st).


Hahaha wut iz da MARIK real name again?