Da WIM MAX ZPEED inveztigazheeyat cummah!


“da da Motta” :stuck_out_tongue:


A born SDCer :slight_smile:


I’m just thinking about the finale of da brothazon op 26 at half tempo. It wud sound like a young hippo dancing in a mud bath.


Not to mention the Hammerklavier Adagio. The sound naturally dies out much faster on pianos of that time compared to modern instruments, I don’t even think you could play it at the tempo most pianists use today.


Yes, exactly. I was thinking about the implications of Alberti bass at half tempo earlier - seeing as it is ultimately a harmony sustaining device on old instruments which didn’t have the pedal capacity of modern 88s.


I just don’t get the fascination some people have with his research. I get it… in the CG sense, but not in any other way. You just have to listen to his playing, it’s self-discrediting. Sounds like shit and seriously lacking in moozicalité :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I actually feel fo da WIM

da tru ORIGIN ZTORY ov diz ZUPAH VILLAIN’z OBZEZZION WIZ ZPEED liez in hiz early pazzion FO ZPEED n hiz zubzequent fruztration when he dizcovah he can’t ACQUIRE it

da MINI WIM grew up wiz ZIFF RECTUM n HO poztahz on hiz bedroom wallz fo zhor :sunglasses:


I imagine da WIM jerking off ovah da brendull tbh

fo once on here, I feel I am being harzh on da brendull :smiley:


Incidentally, not the Adagio but I just youtubed my way to this -->

In all honesty I do think LvB’s metronome was off so I’m acting devil’s advocate here, but on period instruments his tempo markings actually don’t come across as unreasonable as they do on modern instruments. I wouldn’t want to hear it like this on a Steinway, but on a piano of his time - with a lighter sound and faster decay time - I think the tempo works beautifully. It gets this rough and furious quality, which feels appropriate for Beethoven.


Yes, listening to this, really makes sense (even if the recording is sped up :-P)


That works quite well to my ears. Maybe a little bit too fast, but still.


Yes, exactly what I thought too.




Noooo! Not him again!

Click bait!


I guess I’m newly awake. :slight_smile: Seeing now the vid was posted in the Wim thread and had WHOLE BEAT READING written in large text on the thumbnail I shouldn’t have been surprised to see his face turn up as I clicked.

But man I was looking forward to a well played Czerny Etude.


Ok, but what did you actually get? :dong:

… apart from a complete lack of dynamic variation, obviously.


I got the man who thinks twinkle twinkle little star should be sung at half tempo :point_up::bearded_person: :snail::notes::notes: :hear_no_evil:


“if you feel inspired for the next Czerny Etude…” :face_vomiting:


The only thing he inspires me towards is some kind of Belgian genocide.


Tru. Death to the Belgians!