Da WIM MAX ZPEED inveztigazheeyat cummah!


Yeah, even… when did the concert begin? If you’re going to program a 4h+ sheeyat you need to take things like dinner and normal sleep times of your audience in to account.


No, I don’t mean play slower than the operatic original, I mean that the way a melody is sung is often surprisingly slow from a pianistic point of view. And it makes sense to emulate that in certain passages - the music comes across better, and speaks more clearly.


Tru, these things do need to be thought about, the sustaining ability of the 88 is an issue to contemplate here.


Da wim should know by now that the peak speed and dex attained by a penizt iz in pressing da ctrl alt del combo within 0.05s of yet another of his fuckin vidz appearing!


hahah tru put da 2x zpeed in youtube

ztill a ZHEEYAT interpr :sunglasses:


Hahaha I wud lyk to c a WIM INVEZTIGAZHEEYAT vid on diz piece



I’ve already drawn his attention to it, but I’ve obviously scared him off by pointing out da ZHEEYATTYM 14 npz or wutevah :lib:


I’m not trying to say this is possible, but Jack isn’t that far from this tempo, is he? And that’s on a modern concert grand!


Da MALTEMPO faztah den da GIB but ztill a completely zheeyat interp

but da BEZT human perf iz


Do we know for a fact that da Rock played this piece in 1919/1920?


Tru n hopefully da :rocky: took da markinz zeriouzly :sunglasses::icon_stopw_sdc_473:


Nah, Gibbons is still the yardstick.

I’d pass Maltempo here actually, but from the looks of it it’s the last time I would. He played these Op.39 studies and just walked away and died musically!


Does Morishita have a 4th Alkan vol planned, btw? His latest is a couple of years old now IIRC.


AHAHAHAHAH da fuckin MALTEMPO rhythm juz…

if da zepp had to DUEL da MALTEMPO in diz zong

i wud juz go fo a 2’30 interp

beatin diz mofo by gettin

half az many rite notez

but 4 tymz az many down beatz :sunglasses:


Iz u azkin when da MoreZhitah

Vil cummah

Wiz more Zhitah? :girth:


Tiz tru :rocky:



Found this paper, where an account is given of timings for multiple works in the 19th century. At first glance, the timings do not differ appreciably from now.


Not as much 88 music as would be helpful, but the point surely still stands.


Awesome! I’m just on way to bed, I just quickly eyed through this, but it seemed really interesting. Particularly the conclusion that Smart tended to play slow movements faster and fast movements slower than today - which makes sense to me - and also his conversation with LvB at the end. Beethoven really continues to be a curious case… Ultra fast metronome markings, and here he claims his 9th Symphony was done in only 45 minutes! I agree with Smart however, that’s just ridiculous if all of it really was played.


Let’s print 10 000 copies of this and send by truck to Belgium. Luckily people neither had slower heart beats or moronic taste 200 years ago. As far as I can tell this completely obliterates all the nonsense he’s been spamming youtube with over the past year, although I’m sure he’ll do his best to undermine it.



But tru we haff to read it wiz an objective eye

From page 6:


Da WIM theory explain diz much mo elegantly den da wtf contortionizt dizmizzive non-zolution offahed by da author of diz papah :snail: :sunglasses: