ahahahaha tru zumzheeyat lyk diz :sunglasses:


HAHAHAHAH tru da G MOFO da bench in diz clazzic

diz a zumwut CONCERT READY interp :sunglasses:


Haha, some of the comments on this vid “you’re so expressive”. Are people actually that brotha-level deaf, or does he have dozens of sock-puppet accounts?


Haha diz poor girl. We need to petition her to interview da TM. Like really


Dat cumment appearz to haff been deleted.

Cenzahzhip :stuck_out_tongue:


All interviews are to be conducted wiz ma chick askin da questions.
Her fee is $90 an hour.


Damn WIM got Swag??

edit: below vid is a masterpiece I was unaware of


AHAHAHAH FUCKKKKKKK REZPEC da title of diz zong!!!

bazically da WIM THEME :hand::snail: :sunglasses:


Fuckkkk legendary hazy effect :foggy:



Oh fuck. Once more into the bottomless pit of sewage…



$30 for lessons in “keyboard technique” (sic)


Time for heavy promo on da HANDFIZH @da_zepp



at $30 diz WIM courze zound lyk a wikid deal when it promize to zolve all yo tech problemz at da 88 n even zave u preciouz prax tym

but when u buy it u vil dizcovah da full zheeyat iz juz

a 2 sec long unlizted tube vid of da WIM zayin

zl*w down :sunglasses:


Becummin a ZTUDENT ov da WIM iz bazically lyk givin half yo lyf away

Bein hiz ztudent iz bazically lyk DIZ CLAZZIC ZCENE


Clearly da WIM haff learnt many thingz from da :zcholah:

Now da ZYBAHBEGGING cummah!


Listened now.

Ffs. Any competent technician could play this at twice WIMZPEED. I’d imagine there are literally 1000s of peniztz who can.


“Boost musicality” :yum:

Well it does say basic piano technique, and I always practise at Wimzpeeds so I bet it’s good. :+1:


This is about the correct tempo if minim =108. 27s target time, I’m sure I can manage that (an obviously “impossible” 14 npz)… Expecting sub 20s from da zepp :smiley:


AHAHAHAH TRU diz actually a zumwut wikid et


Moonrape on a flat zurface :sunglasses:


Hahaha fuckkk, sum of dese cummentz! Incidentally it seems a review by Hanslick quotes the length of a von Bulow brothazonz rectal.

Da WIM :kan: cumment iz talking about playing da KAN half zpeed, thus making even da RINGPIEZZEN seem zupah zpeedy.