Yes, but judging by the comments, you would think he was an unheralded genius. :dong:


Moving well beyond satire here :sunglasses:



Ahahahah da WIM already haff hiz own emotizheeyat:


No need to rename him :sunglasses:


Sumone giff him a metronome with an engraved metal :snail: az da weight. Good counterpart to yo :mantelpiece_clock:



Diz cud be a legendary SDC mizzion requirin

hand delivery :sunglasses:


Camille S-S breaking speed records in 1904. I’ve always thought that his playing is as close as possible to Liszt’s in his prime in terms of pure brilliance and fire. You think they would’ve played fast mvmts. of :nigga: Sonatas at :snail:'s pace? Tis utterly abzurd to even consider that.


And he’s an old man too. Even da :pimp:'z tech is believed to have faded sumwut with age.


Tru, S-S was 69 here. :-o


It’s the boy I feel sorry for :plate_with_cutlery:




I honestly didn’t know he reproduced. Sad story.

I looked for a Pletnev page there, in the vain hope the article would just read “BEWARE” or similar.


ahahahahaha da SS fo zhor legendary tech


da ZWING a bit lackin cuntzidahrin… :sunglasses:


ahahahahah da andante-preztizizheeyat full reverzal pozz da next WIM theory

i patiently await hiz rape zpeed interp of da

KAN GRANDZON mvmt4 :fire: :musical_keyboard: :sunglasses:



Deepah into da BZ hole he go

Rezpec da :snail: :sunglasses:



HAHAHAHAHA 10’30 da key evidence cummah

da direct METRONOME cumparizon to tym-keepin exericizheeyatz

ahahah da lazt lyn in da footnote zeem to zuggezt a random corollary ‘zolution’ to da harrizon-MEF countah argument of 3-beat zheeyatz auto-zcribet fail


a zpecially raped metronome takin 2 secz to go left, 1 sec to go right

DAYUM diz a bit wikid 18th century technology :sunglasses:



da WIMI finally unleazh a well known clazzik at DOUBLE da ztandard tempo :fire: :fire:



HAHAHAHAHA from 17’20 in da ZHOE vid, da WIM cuntfront da harrizon-MEF zcribet countah argument

by zayin

dun prax wiz a metronome :sunglasses:


Tiz actually much eazier to jus take half of 80 = 40, the metronome will give one beat for three quarter notez. You will get the same tempo.
Da problem with da WIM-mofo iz dat hiz senze of tempo is so sheeyat that he actually plays it faster than he should demonstrate according to double beat interpretation. :smile: :snail:


His playing isn’t overly troubled by the concept of dynamic nuance lol