Da YUJA mazterclazz cummah


36:40 HAHAH tru

:rocky: whut??? How dare you kritticize ma muzic

:doc: tru, da cut version juz bettah :sunglasses:


Hahaha da 49:16 genzui


Lol she seems like such a douch in this video

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Haha da informal Yuja.

Yeah, absolutely outrageous

Da ZENZEI playing bettah den da student.
Almost unheard of in da US



28:13 REZPEK DAT SMOOTH MOVE by da mofo

He clearly haff no idea dat he’s gonna be having wet dreams about a

Man in drag :sunglasses:


Hahaha 18:11 “pretty ghey”

@da_zepp dun mizz diz genzui :dong:


Ahahahhah fuccckkkk.

Ban her from tweeter and YouTube right now :zenzei:

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HAHAHAHA da YUJA demo ztylee

Play faztah to warm up den zl*w down fo tru demo icic :sunglasses:

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hahahaha whut a legenda


Nice outfit. Those leather pants probably cost more than my piano.


Da DEMO at 20:10

Tru, respectable tone n projection


21:26 damn I should have signed up fo a Yuja masterclass at my school

Altho, da :hui: wud not approve.
Randomly, dat year, da Yuja only wanted to teach pieces dat she had in her solo rep, like da Shoe Kreiz

Da Piano dept chair told moi in private dat she “can’t teach a lick” but worth da publicity, something which is randomly untru

Da DEMOZ speak a thousand word

Lyk 3 hands writing