Da zepp rape da 10/5 by requezt


The ending is def sdc approved ; ) Randomly I think donga was forced to learn the complete chopets in a shanghai child prison during his toddler years. he’s probably got hard wiring on these from when his child brain was soft and learny


Da TM really wizh he wuz Chinese. N wealthy as cocksuck.


I remember way back Asian chicks would get they lids done. There gotta be a reverse right?


ahahahaha mannnnn

da DONGAH wuz def not from a wealth family

diz mofo almoz zuicided himzelf lyk 5 tymz b4 he becammah a legend :sunglasses:


This is not related but felt worth sharing.


That’s messed up.


Da dong’s father was a bit of a cunt tbh.


Ok but dat dun giff him superior asian genes.

Alzo, he simply looks like a dickless tranny. Unsexy.


Hahaha oh ma comment wuz not related to da Dongah :sunglasses:


damn about dongah didn’t know that : ( I remember being very confused hearing Rubinstien had troubles in youth. Dude really seemed to have it together when it came to living well. The brain is a mystery especially with these super talented folks.


Da Dongah fatha kept him on a military prax schedule

Den again, my ex played fo 8 hours since she was 5 (wtf)


Rubinstein lived well because he didn’t care about anyone else but himself. He even cheated on his wife on their wedding day.


So how come she was so sheeyat?



dat iz zum cold zheeyat :sunglasses:


HAHAHAh fuck I thought da RUBY ov all mofoz wuz a warm hearted mofo!


That’s just the public persona he wanted to portray, “love life unconditionally” etc. For a more accurate glimpse of the man read Harvey Sachs’ biography. He wasn’t faithful to his wife for a second and he was a shit father too.


Shit teachers her whole life…


0:50 daim da action!


Da zepp digi 88 on da verge of suicide from repeated rape trauma


Make sure to play a ZL*W zheeyat on it once in a while