DASDC Recording Recommendation thread


I like the major


Rezpec! I talked to him for the last time six months earlier.


The major pisses me off hugely! I prefer the gothic chill of the minor.


Haha Comme you just gave me my 1000th like. I’ve been keeping an eye on it since Sat.


I’ve never really paid attention to this, since I don’t like the tranny that much, but the major would be more idiomatic, no? Since Bach used the tierce de picardie almost as a matter of course.


The sharp is written in parenthesis, but the major is the more commonly heard.

Funny, I just sampled it on youtube and it depends on how it’s phrased. I think ABM would have done better to end in minor in Warsaw 55, whereas LdlS feels spot on with major in Verbier 2016. If I had played it I would have saw to that major fits however, since I do like it better. I think it’s the more grandiose/heroic ending, and a more fitting conclusion to all that has past before it.


Btw I’m not familiar with Kissin but if you mean his studio rec I do believe you when you say it’s good. They’re better than he is I almost wrote haha.


Yes that Hamelin version is my favorite too. I went on a Chaconne binge a few years ago. Also at the top were Grimaud, Ogdon, Pletnev, and Michelangeli (I settled on the 73 Lugano version).


My absolute favorite is Pletnev from Carnegie Hall.


Can any pianist match this classic rec of the seldom played :pimp: Ballade no.1?


Been obsessed with the Waldstein of late.

Best recs?






Hofmann, then Ernst Levy, Cziffra, Horowitz (remake), Nat, Pletnev, Gilels

depends on what kind of interpretation I am in the mood for. This should cover a good variety, the first two being interventionist and wayward


I like Hofmann in the first movement, no real favourites in the second (a bit of a nothing slow movement imo), and Schnabel in the third.


Wtf! The slow movement is a stroke of gensui and perfectly acts as a prelude to the finale.

His original slow movement was this -

Also why is Korstick barely mentioned around here? Possibly the most consistently brilliant modern Complete Sonata sets.



1st movement, if anyone wants to check it out.


Yes, I know. The only thing I like about the second movement is the transition to the third movement. When I revisited this piece recently when I was back in Oz, I only played through the outer movements. Did not touch the middle one. I don’t like the slow movement of the tempest either. For some reason, I fell completely out of love with that piece after learning it.


Korstick’s set is excellent. And randomly, his Rachmaninoff 3rd was awesome too.


Aite, I have becummah a bit in love wiff da Ravel noble waltzes.
So far heard da Vol a numbah of times and da Grosvenator, vastly prefer da Vol.
What are yo recummendations in diz?