DASDC Recording Recommendation thread


Hahaha it’s a piss-take right?
Lancaster and I got along famously but he’s definitely on the bipolar spectrum.


It’s an encore - they just played the whole symphony and Lennie obviously decided to let them do their thang.


BTW, that symphony = the most gorgeous slow mov! Anyone who accuses Haydn of not having Mozart’s ‘sprituality’ or melodic inspiration, needs to get to know more of his works!




what is yo fave recs of da Liszt Totentanz. I can’t pick a favorite between these ones:

For moi, da Petri incomplete 1936 rec is da TRU way. It’s da right conception, really makes this masterpiece sound like a masterpiece.
He plays the Busoni revision which brings back material from an earlier version of the piece - it weakens the form and makes it less TAIIITE, but still.
The playing itself is overpedalled and fuzzy 8)

da Ziff live in 1960 Venice and da 1962 Montreux rec with all da ziff improv editions are pretty damn wikid. He plays it in a rough “sloppy” manner, kid of suits the damn piece

da 2 Michelangeli recordings - again, unfortunately da BUSONI version of da piece. Busoni breaks da flow of the vars with his additions - da Liszt version is perfect as is, TRU. MIKEY plays it extra clean and controlled, some spots are incredibly tasteful.

as for da solo version, well, da version with orch is easier and it has 10x da color, solo version is not really worth playing. Da orch version is da tru masterpiece, perfection on every level.


I quite like Lewenthal’s arrangement even though it omits the furious opening.


Haha I remember Mr. Lowenthal’s thoughts on Lewenthal: “He would play recitals wearing a top hat. Of course, he was a terrible pianist.”



Speaking about other Totentanz’s recordings, I really like Argerich’s live (cond. Barenboim). Also Zimerman is good.

For Liszt sonata I would also mentioned Pogorelich’s studio, for Gaspard Michelangeli (Prague, 1960 live) and Arrau.


I strongly dislike the piece, but I don’t mind the Freire rec too much. Zim is okay too.


Daim, I loved it when I was 16, Lisztening to the unreleased live Ziff 1962 rec at night.

And I love it even more now. 8)


Does anyone have any good recommendations for Liszt’s 2nd Ballade. I’m randomly starting to really like this piece. and I find the Villa and Freire recordings are excellent.


Cziffra live 1980’s recs
Horowitz live Minneapolis 1981
Kentner (the early 1938 studio rec)
Volodos (c 2001)
Villa live


Let me know if you need any of these


Curiously, it’s one of the few Liszt pieces I don’t care for.


me neither…
the second theme is pretty tho. Great compositional tech as always 8) :pimp: :pimp: :pimp:


I’m starting to like it a lot. Freire makes good music out of it, and Villa plays it just right.

Thanks for the recommends. I have them all. Never thought to listen to Volodos, good idea.


posted sum recz of it 8)


Chopin Op44 Polonaise best rec?


I like it now because of La Damiano’s video.


I don’t like this piece very much because of the middle section, but I remember there being q good live Bolet recording, and then there’s Horowitz.