DASDC Recording Recommendation thread


I like all sections but the outer sections I LOVE, so yeah I’d like it if it were permissible to make a :martinique: cut :approved:


Yeah the outer sections are respecable fury, but that middle section sounds so trivial in comparison. It’s exactly the same problem as with the first scherzo.


Horowitz, Carnegie 1968 :+1:


Ahhh absolutely, I was more looking for ones I hadn’t heard by perhaps lesser known pianists.

The sheer force of this interp is also mesmeric.


Two of my favourites are Malcuzynski and Brunhoff.

Obviously Horowitz/Carnegie 1968 is #1.


Did a quick search, I’ve not even listened to this mofo before, very impressed.

This piece really needs a swagger and rhythm with the right combo of propulsion/forward momentum and rubato in those bittersweet moments like the transition to Bb minor which is one of my favourite modulations in all Chopin.

Come to think of Chopin’s modulations…The E Major modulation in the Heroic polo is random and abrupt as fuck, from Ab to E, tritone apart and zero transition…just straight in with ringing chords then the LH oct fest :dong:


And tru, da Tritone link (with common tone Ab/G# becums a ZCRIB trademark.


I can post his 8CD EMI Boxset, if you want.


no zheeyat on earth othah den da HO’z 88 can produce diz ZOUND in da accented bazz oct B# (+ da folowin F#) fuckkkk :ho: :ho: :ho:


Ab to D is the tritone mofo! Was trying to think why there was enharmonic relationship when there never is.


:whale: Tru it was just before zleep cummah when I wrote that but still it’s a legendary random transition :dong:

What I was kind of saying is the op44 modulation was smooth and like entering a new dark tone colour whereas the modulation in the heroic is comical and I think intentionally abrupt.

Can you think of any pieces that manage a smooooth tritone modulation? :lib:


Rezpec I’d appreciate that :approved:

Speaking of Scriabin & polonaises. Best rec of Scriabin’s op21?

Zhukov is the best I’ve heard.

Xiayin Wang is good too, pozzibly one for da :tm:


Tru ma head must been in sum JAV sorry

Tiz a common-tone progression truuu


Schumann: Kreisleriana

Best recs? I love Horowitz in this but haven’t explored others.


Wang & Brand :+1:


And Hofmann, Gieseking, Sofro



Also, I’m not the biggest fan of Debussy generally but I love L’isle Joyeuse in particular, favourite recs of it?


The Joyride fave recs is

Horowitz (one of the 1966 audience tape, not the officially closely miked clunkfest)

Not a fan of the piece anymore after teaching it


Yes Horowitz all the way, but there’s a really memorable performance with SR too. It’s a video where he’s playing it at an artist’s birthday party - it’s quite mesmerizing, and you can tell from the shots of the birthday boy that’s he’s completely lost in the music.


This. It’s more than likely on youtube.