DASDC Recording Recommendation thread


He kind of feels at the same time laid back and intense, like a combination of not giving the slightest of fucks with his abandon and also giving a massive fuck with his passion.


Well, he didn’t exactly show a lot of restraint when it came to living life :stuck_out_tongue:

He would usually be one of my natural preferences in Ravel, Debussy or Chopin.


Drink and drugs caused his death?

I had no idea until reading his bio that he was so into Jazz but I was about to comment that his style seems less ‘formal’ than a concert performance, feels like you’re listening in to a Jazz bar pianist just jamming out some classical. I like that approach…feels less serious in the ‘pretentious’ sense and more genuinely expressive.

I’d not explored him much before, his Grieg concerto which I had on DVD put me off when I bought it ages ago - It just sounded sloppy, but I’ll have to give him another chance now.


He drank like a fish, and I think I’m correct in saying he was into both speed and smack.

And lots of sex :pimp:


And still had the time and inclination to play music despite those distractions, which speaks volumes to the vapidity of the above endeavours and depth of reward in musical endeavours :dong::dong:


Could someone post a live Clitburnah? I’ve actually heard very little of him.


How about this?




This contains one of the best Liszt sonatas and Beethoven Appassionatas you’ll ever hear. Some of the performances in this set come from 1972 when he was getting artistically drained. He was still able to get it up in Moscow compared to elsewhere, but the interpretations are more placid though at times fascinating, such as the Rach PC2.


Daim you’re internet must be amazing!
Thanks man!


Fiorentino: “I’ll show this chick how2 play da Happy Island”


I remember listening to a very beautiful, stylish version by Konstantin IGUMNOV.


It’s funny how taste changes. I first looked in to Malcuzynski about 10 years ago but quickly concluded he wasn’t for me and moved on, but I’ve kept this EMI set in memory since it was mentioned and have listened through most of it again today. It’s superb. I have to concede he’s still not my type of pianist - sound & phrasing have just become more and more important to me over the years, and while he does the phrasing beautifully I don’t find much for the senses in terms of sound. A hard, diamond tipped tone, and a sound world which is invariably single-layered and monochromatic. The upside with playing like that however is that you get an unfailing clarity to the pianism, which suits his Chopin playing in particular wonderfully. I enjoyed just about all of it here, the F min concerto in particular, and was surprised to find an excellent Liszt-2 among it all as well (and an ~okay~ S.178 - I found him far too civilized and polished in the outer sections, but his fine musicianship did keep me in to the end). All of it putting sober & clear headed playing with impeccable taste and finish on display.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share some thoughts since I got the listening idea from here. I’m glad to have made his acquaintance again - and if the pianism is hard and cold the man behind it appears not to be.


I agree with all of your points. His playing is so clear and refined that I can’t help but enjoy it, even if it’s often not ‘great’ playing per se. Brunhoff’s Chopin is this way as well. I like how they both pedal only minimally. I find Chopin often over-pedaled for my tastes.

I assume you listened to the earlier Chopin 2nd Concerto on Pearl as well? That one’s even better than the EMI one.


No! I’d love to hear that if you have it at hand.


I’ll post it when I get home. For now, it’s here:


Recommended recs of the Beethoven Eroica Variations?

I really enjoyed the Richter rec posted a while back, also the Gelber posted recently, and I do love Gould’s perf of it.

It’s such a great work, it even seems a little underplayed given that I’d rather hear it than some of his Sonatas…


I honestly don’t know the work that well so I’ll pass on giving recommendations, but what I can say is that if I had been on hunt for a good rec I would have probed Arrau and Gilels too in addition to those you mention. I thought Gelber’s Orfeo recording was outstanding. I suppose you’re aware our hero Katsaris recorded it alongside his LvB Symphs?


The first one to make a strong impression on me was David Bar-Illan.


Yeah the Finale of the 3rd Symphony is a great companion piece to it, Beethoven was super obsessed with this theme!


For the Eroica I like the big Gs: Gould, Gulda and Gilels.

Kempff’s 1971 rec has the tonal beauty and the grasp of form that Kempff always had, but the fingers aren’t what they were.