DASDC Recording Recommendation thread


Yep, that’s the one




This prompted me to put on his later recording for Vox, and it’s excellent as well.

Kentner is often unjustly overlooked in these contexts. I like his playing a lot.



Yes yes the early Kentner benediction especially

I also remember a Denis Kozhukhin Benediction which I heard him play in NYC many years ago, it was a miracle.

Hmmm, the don juan - the 2 Barere takes from the 1930’s (HMV) are good.

I really liked how my friend Yunqing played it back in the J… this vid isn’t even his best perf and it’s fucking good:

Part 2


Here’s a random Chinese schoolgirl playing it :tm:

Let moi add her Fb instead of even hearing a bit dis :sunglasses:


Tru, the Kentner is my favorite. I didn’t like da Arrauzal or da Osbourne. Dont see the fuss over Osbourne, find him very manicured and quite dull.


Tru. I only really like his Vingt Regards. I could take it leave his other recs.


Per Ashish’s recommendation I listened to Okada’s a few times and was very impressed -


Thought you were initially impressed by his :rocky: Etude Tableaux?

They were very solid, if not exceptional. But they make one of the best reference recs in clean modern sound.

Can any modern pianist beat this rec?

What a tease, I wish Volodos would rec the complete set.


Yes it’s part of the Marston Levy series. There’s a live one and a studio, not sure if the live one has been issued yet (I only bought volumes 1-3, I think there’s a 4th now).


If anyone is new to Medtner and doesn’t know where to start with his sonatas, Tragica is a great one to open with and my favourite perf I’ve heard is definitely this one -

Criminally low viewcount on this!


Beus is incredible. It’s a shame he isn’t better known. His recordings are excellent - his Griffes and Scriabin disc in particular.


He became an immediate SDC legend back in 2005 with this perf -

Was my first exposure to the piece, due to that fact - most subsequent recs I heard were a bit :nopazz:


Tru da Dr BEUS, a legendary mofo.


Bach-Busoni Chaconne.

I enjoy a variety of approaches but for an etched-in-granite solid approach; I’ve heard no one match Kissin.

The discussion of Kissin reminded me that in my mind he owns this piece, but I’m open to my mind being changed.

Other recommended recs?


There’s an extraordinary broadcast of Hamelin doing it. Can’t recall date, but it’s from a Canadian piano festival 2001ish. I also really enjoyed Lise de la Salle playing it last winter, who was wide open and quite beautiful.

Standard recommendations otherwise are Bolet & ABM.


Do you prefer it to end in minor or major? Or with the hollow octave like the original.


Also I saw :doc: play this live on Nov13th 2003. I met him after the concert and got an autograph. :girth:


Randomly, that was the date I finished high school.