de birth of fury


in 1921 dere waz a distinct lack of fury, da liszt and da KAN were dead, dere had to be a TRU MOFO to keep da flame of FURY burnin

around da 5th of february dere waz an explosion in da sperm bankz in budapezt hungary - da semen of 50000 men waz floodin da streetz

every1 fled except 1 woman, who waz impregnated with da FURY of 50000 men

monthz pazzed, until 1 fateful day - novemba 5th - a day associated with explosive FURY
on diz day da child sprung forth from da womb and flew acrozz da room and landed on a stool.

diz seemz unrealiztic but itz fact

da child appeared to be deformed - dere waz a distint expression on itz face - that of UNBRIDLED FURY
dere waz yet anotha deformity, de child waz born wit a 20 foot long peniz, and huge tezticlez to match

i divulge…
diz stoll he sat upon waz no ordinary stool, it waz by da family piano
da child appeared entranced by da ebony and ivory keyz

da child raized itz armz, and raized hiz left eyebrow, dere waz something strange afoot diz fateful night

den it happened - lightning stuck, thunder roared…

da ZIFF…waz born 8)


u sho you didn’t tranzlate dat sheeyat wrong? dere was most certainly fuuuuuuuuuury being unleashed at dis time 8)





i know diz, but compared to da dayz of liszt and da KAN, it waz a bit sheeyat


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA diz iz respec-able CG from da comme 8)


hahahaha, dazt da whole point of diz sec

to show off yo comedick girth

but iz u lot too lazy fo diz sec? 8)


Yes, or actually, too stupid. I’m not a genius, especially not a comedic one!! :astonished:


hahahaha, da topicz dont haff to be coherent, cum on - show yo stupidity!!!


HAHAHA i thought this was one of doze kinky milf stories, hahaha diz topic needs a medal.

You haff da Shagas consent.



hahahahahahahaha, it iz very kinky in a way 8)


god bless






ghey iz dis




untru 8)


Haff yah heard about da Bartok and da Ornstein you stupid mofo.

-da Mef