Dis Kan piece is almost straight-up impossible


Notable timestamps:
16:43 (19 notes lmao)

It is performed impeccably by da Smith himself.

In my personal ratings I have given it a 20-16-25-19-10-90 making it more overall more difficult than the Alkan Concerto 1st movement at 21-18-16-23-10-87.

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The doc insane master of dis one.


Hahah rezpec!

But explain diz ratin zyztem :lib:

I propoze a nu ratin zyztem -

Da difficulty bazed on combined PIECE + PERF BENCHMARK

fo example I wud argue recreatin diz ZMITH REC iz an imprezzive feat but 1000z of mofoz if dey applied demzelvez cud do it

Recreatin da legendary DOC rec howevah

Iz a zheeyat I wud argue only a couple dozen mofoz cud approach :sunglasses:

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Good pitch :+1:

This is one of those pieces which, after two decades of nothing-in-particularness, just suddenly opened up to me a few years ago. My favourite from the set is probably still the hairrising 3rd Etude, but this is a much richer listening experience (and yes definitely Doc). I first “heard it” a late summer evening out in the garden, and I’ve never wanted to listen to it anywhere else since. Once or twice a year max.

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Op76 cuntainz da KANz earliezt innovationz in piano writing

Year/Date of Composition 1838-1840

When U bear diz in mind tiz juz incredible dat it wuz compozed juz 10 yrz afta Beethovenz death n ova half a century befo Godowzky explored zingle hand writin


Yes, LvB in particular is really incredible. Once he and Schubert had laid the foundations and stepped out of the way things just exploded.

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I vil zend da MARTET zcore to da :doc:

tiz da zame et but fo LH only :sunglasses:


I chose the five “elements” that I considered to be the most critical for somebody to be able to learn a piece and then I gave each element a difficulty rating based on the level of skill required to pull that element off. This is done, of course, after having personal experience with playing the piece.

Elements are: fingerwork, octaves, jumps, stamina, and interpretation. In that order.

And here’s a rough guide to each number:
0-1: Beginner
2-3: Novice
3-6: Intermediate
7-10: Early Advanced
11-14: Advanced
15-18: Very Advanced
19-22: Expert
23+: Ridiculous

And this Alkan piece follows: 20-16-25-19-10-90 which is the sum of the 5 elements.

So the idea with this kind of rating is that a student can take one glance at it and be able to have an idea of what techniques are required and if he/she is up to each technique level to play the piece. Of course, it is always better to try pieces yourself but this rating can save time in that it can prevent students from trying pieces that are too hard/too easy.


Ahahahaha REZPEC diz detail-oriented zyztem!

Da zepp uze a zimple zyztem bazed on how hard a zong iz cumpared to da average ZEPPET

Zo undah diz zyztem

da KAN 76/2 iz

2.8 ZEPPETZ out of 10

Or bazically impozzible :sunglasses:


fo convenience da ZEPPET zcale zhud be logarithmic lyk da :rectum: zcale

zo a 9 iz two tym eaziah den a ZEPPET a 1 iz 500 tymz easiah :sunglasses:



Daiiiiim I remembah when I zed da CZERNAH 10/2 parody wuz 70 tymz eaziah den a ZEPPET

dat wud make it almoz 4/10 on diz scale, n mo den twice az hard az diz KAN epic et ahahah FUCKkkkkk ic :sunglasses:

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Da ZMITH clock in at approx 22:30


Introduction, variations and finale in D major for right hand[15’19]

datz rite