Etudes that aren't Etudes


Which pieces are pretty much Etudes in all but title?

Many Chopin Preludes, and preludes by other composers -

Can you name others?


How 'bout the opposite - why on earth did Scrib call this an “Etude”?


I suppose the same reason Chopin’s 25/7 is an etude :chop: All about voicing.


Truuu. I think Scriabin can be forgiven since the Etude concept had been so diluted at that point, but I feel the same about Liszt’s Paysage for instance. How is that an Etude? Really Chopin’s 10#3 as well, though I suppose at the time it could have been seen as an exercise in playing a melody and accompanying yourself with the same hand.


Also so that the WIMs of this world can say ‘I can play an etude!’ :dong:


In a way, talking about voicing and shaping a melody while playing accompaniment, a large part of the shorter Romantic character-pieces written by Mendelssohn, Schumann, Chopin etc. can be seen as “Etudes”…though they usually didn’t choose to name them like that…

Schumann’s “Toccata” is definitely an Etude in the more common sense of the word…


That’s true. I keep being surprised by Mendelssohn’s SWWs in this aspect, they’re a lot harder than they sound.


Etudes - this might seem intellectualized, but I’d also say the entire DWK. The Etude concept didn’t exist at the time, but that was essentially what Bach composed them as (the fugues, too, are Etudes for the music of their time).

And as for non-etudes… the Klavierübung. I’m not familiar with the organ book, but the harpsichord sets consistently have a lot to do with art and relatively little with help for developing keyboard proficiency IMO.


If we are reeeeally going to stretch the concept of Etudes - I’ve always thought Schumann’s sequenced sets of short character pieces offer some of the biggest challenges in being a pianist that can wear many ‘masks’ convincingly. I mean you’re basically trying to emulate having multiple personality disorder. :dong:


Tru, da definition is sumwhat vague:

“a short musical composition, typically for one instrument, designed as an exercise to improve the technique or demonstrate the skill of the player.”

So, in fact, a large percentage of da 88 repertoire can be called “Etude” - especially when da playah has very limited technical skillz. :wink:

Winterwind --> WinterWim —> Slowfart :sunglasses:


Randomly some of the Chopets sound like preludes to me.


One student of my teacher played on his exam Harmonie de soir as an romantic composition and Grand Galop Chromatique as an etude :sunglasses:


I understand da question about TE11 being a legit et…yearz ago tho

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Da first 30 Zcar zons were published as essercizi.


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Da Ziffetz are never called etudez except on da zifffondation zheetz :zif: :pimp:


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(bazed on da zepp own far from exhauztive n very lykly inaccurate recollexion of SDC termz n deir origin tru :sunglasses: )


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