Fatty and the Feux Follets - in search of carpal tunnel


Oh man didn’t see the tie! Good catch before it gets too worked in.

Richter in any 50s recording can’t be beat but I’ve actually been listening crticially to Arthur friedheim in my headphone rig lately.

The recording is a bit shit even on a good rig but things that didn’t make sense in the score sort of come together in his verison. He holds over certain harmonic elements in LH and chords that are usually clipped to add a foundation for the sort of wayward noodles.

more specifically he holds the lower F in start of bar 12 all the way until the double notes measure starts. (not marked in score) These several transitional measures sound pretty wikid doing this instead of sparse scraggles.

Highly controversially Arrau is superb from a narrative point of view. Kissin from a WTF factor.


tru, da lve Young ashk from Carnigga

n one of da many fineass dirana perf.


diz chick plays it well, I remember her when she was taking lessons wiz da Jerome Rose before da 2011 pimp comp.
randomly she played really exquisite at dat comp, I heard diz chick from da hall, n she did not pazz


lez pretend fo a zec dat we iz back in da rec-tradin era wiz da JEFF, KRITTY etc

i vil trade yo KAT FF wiz diz legendary rec:

deal? :sunglasses:


Ashkenazy highly legendary… stays sort of light and feathery during the muscle memory rape parts even but somehow doesn’t get me going like the others I’ve been listening who have a clear dramatic arc happening. Richter is best at transitioning between rape and smooth shimmer demands

fuck, that chen was amazing. Super clean shite!!~


Here’s the live Kat rec from the tchaik comp: LINK


Fuckin great but I still prefer the smoothness of Ask n richter


ahahahah fuckkkkkkkkkkk da KAT UNLEAZH from da 1970z tchaik comp

if u check da rezultz, da KAT not among da prize winnahz, n pozz not even a finalizt dat yr :sunglasses:

mannnnn da audience reaction at da end iz lyk

‘ahahah who da fuck iz diz mofo? obviouzly NOT da rigged winnah… zheeeeyat ok be careful dat our applauze zhud nevah exceed da mildly-imprezzed decible level’ :sunglasses:


After Kat FF updated my reading list:


You found Wim’s soulmate! download

He even uzez a muzicological quote (of Göllerich) to show the common people he’s right about the tempo!
If you like pedestrian, plodding, handicapped feux follets, this is the perfect rec. :joy:



Diz piece fo zhor in da -

Top 5 moz uzelezz piecez to imprezz NON 88 nerdz

n alzo

Top 5 moz uzeFUL to imprezz 88 nerdz


Tru, da FF n 10/2 juz dun sound wikid at a random party unless tiz all wealthy 88 :cn: schoolgirls :


Maybe for another thread but whats the most wikid sounding easy shite to impress non piano dudes. Um, asking for a friend : )


Haha fo zhor anyzheeyat wiz wut iz noen az AFAP tech


Twinkle star impro

By var 3: play wiz yo :dong:


ahahahah da CPE BACH ZOLFEGGGGIZHEEYAT fo zhor :sunglasses:


ahahahah fuck da TRUMOFO TWINKY IMPRO zhorly not an eazy zheeyat, even when u dun uze yo dong :sunglasses:


HAHAHA da comment -

1x speed is for boys
2x speed is for men

n da reply by a MOFO -


HAHAHA fuck diz an SDC memba? :whale:


ahahahah diz da perfect SDC zong fo da average non-88 literate mofoz

u can tell how wikidly penizdick it iz from da fact dat

even da CIMIHATTO cud unleazh it live wizout MIDI-azzizt :sunglasses:



It begins… hands alone spot practice on the easier linking mofo sections…