Greatezt Recordinz ov da 21zt Cuntury


Reztricted to recz from da yr 2000-now

Which recz have and will ztand da tezt ov TYM :stopwatch: n ztill be cuntzidahd clazzix @ da end ov diz cuntury?


Da YUJA bee; trish trash polka, prok 3rd conc
Trif: carnigga pimpzon, 24 prelz
Grosvenor: hizpanic rappah, pimpzon
Doc: paganini vars unleazh

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That’s a bold guess only 19 years in, but my safest bet up to now is Sokolov’s work in Bach, Beethoven and a few other composers. It’s groundbreaking stuff musically - there’s nothing like it out there - and the piano playing is of an exceedingly high quality. That is the kind of things which tend to stand out when reviewing these large swaths of time.

Same rules for other pianists. The ones today I think are most likely to be referred back to by 2100 are the ones who are extraordinarily good pianists and who also have a distinct and unique voice of their own. Pletnev, Volodos, Hamelin, Argerich, Grosvenor, Zimerman, etc.

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Cumpare da 2000-2019 to da 1930-1949 or even da 1950-1969

N diz era zeem a bit zheeyat :sunglasses:

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Juz da greatest achievements :mantelpiece_clock: now

Dun mean zheeyat

A :cn: :princess: can do it faztah


Vol in Vienna

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Coming to realization only pianist consistently putting out legend status shit lately was Volodos. Doc puts out massive musicologically important well prepared shits but not legend recs really. Yuja’s early verbier with brahms paganini, petrushka, shedrin on other up there… maybe also prok 6 program with the good schumann / schub liszt