Don’t see that much talk of him. He definitely had the mofo technique.
Favourite recs?
His Brahms is obviously well known (the trios disc is a fav). Haven’t watched it in ages, but I remember the drive into the last mov of the Wanderer Fantasy is edge of your seat stuff (even if half the notes are wrong). His Mendy/Pimp Wings of zong is gorgeous.

Just found this (not seen a colour vid before)

He’s awesome! I was actually intending to bring him up sometime, a real shame with his early death.

His Brahms is very visceral, not overly cerebral like many fall into the trap of being.

I’ve never found much use for this pianist tbh, but I remember liking his Brahms-1 (w Montreux).

That’s prolly my least favourite Brahms work. Seems unidiomatic to the piano. I think it was the first of the 3 zons written.

I do really like this (except it’s bloody difficult!)

What about his non-Brahms rep? I think I have a collection of Schumann/Chopin stuff but haven’t gone through it.

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