Kristina Miller unleashes. Yuja Wang dethroned?


REZPECABLE rep choice, WIKID tech, ZOLID interpz!


hahahahahahaa WOW tha polka wuz heartztoppin DAYUM :whale: :whale2:

tha HO varz wuz i think note perfect? which commandz inzane rezpec but fo mahzelf it needz zum wrong notez n crackz here n ther fo charactr :sunglasses: :ho:

LEGENDARY playin :approved:


Haha, I’ve actually seen some of these before!

See also this Italian mofoette:


Never heard of Kristina Miller before. Stunning virtuosity! :zif: :+1:


Yeah she’s excellent. If I remember correctly there’s an Oscar piece too, great ear to be able to transcribe it.


Ahahahah da zepp cummented on her vidz lyk 5 yrz ago

N i recall da TE10 iz da one interp da rize above da othaz to elite legend levelz. Da rezt iz alzo hily rezpecable :sunglasses:



Da ziff bee a legit unleash.

Also, note da long hair swaying zheeyat, diz chick basically a hotter version (I’m speakin fo normal mofoz tastes here, I haff no clue) da yung zlit! :sunglasses:


How come this chick is barely known? I don’t recall seeing her at any of the comps we used to follow.


Rezpek this chick tho!


It’s actually one of the better FF I’ve heard interpretatively. With a tech like that she should be more famous. My conjecture is that she didn’t enter comps, which is why she isn’t so well known.


Haha dis bio photo. She’s got a great pair of…



And… ears! :sunglasses:


Dead tired, I’m not even sure I’m replying in the right thread, but I don’t think anyone but Cziffra himself feels quite right in his transcriptions. Wang etc might have the dexterity to pull them off, but not that full, meaty sound of a GC to go with it, and no pianist in history has had his kind of horsepower at the piano. Horowitz’s stuff is easier to fake in that case IMO.


Volodos can match some of the sonorities…

Many of Katsaris impros are a bit :zif:

Didn’t he grab a string player’s breasts during an orch rehearsal?


This some legendary playing.

This Feux follets so incredibly stable and clean but sparkles.


Tru! Damn. Randomly da FF always stumped da TM but ma LH can unleash it (wtf)


Tru I suspected some of you mofos had seen her before but she is truly up there.

She has a steady small career going it seems, she’s 32 so too old for comps!


I’ve been listening to her more, she’s really something. Why isn’t she more famous? This mechanism is not just world class, it’s top of the heap. I doubt even prime Doc could play more cleanly. We really are spoilt for pianistic talent these days, or maybe the training has gotten to a stage where all traditional technical problems have been worked out? Maybe now the focus needs to shift more towards sound production and pedalling.


I think a certain standard makes pro mofos settle fo NO LEZZ n dey focus deir efforts on dat tru…


Have you found stuff that isn’t on youtube? It’s a shame there’s not much of her.