Kristina Miller unleashes. Yuja Wang dethroned?


No, I haven’t. Although I know she just performed the Rach 3 a number of times in Israel, so maybe something was broadcast there.


Jesus that polka is truly something, I call speedhacks

This is legit jaw droppping tho. I wish I had tech like this


That was stunning indeed.

This isn’t what builds a career though. If she can make a Beethoven Sonata or a Chopin Ballade sound as convincing -> then…


This. And yeah tru, she pulls off da HO well az well but diz zound nothing like da tru way. Honeztly I think da yuja ruined me fo wanting to hear othah people play some of da epic tranniez…notes, zpeed, etc…but no TRU FURY

pozzibly becuz they iz girlz


Her Rach solo piece (don’t remember which one) was very good (I thought). Rachmaninoff will work in place of Beethoven IMO. Ideally she needs some mix of what she’s doing with a bit more serious rep (Rach). Me I can’t listen to 90% of what she’s recorded though. Sorry but it’s like, I don’t know, Britney Spears or something.


and I iz ztill on team big COQ even after all these yrz, so I muzt disagree with yo azz juz a bit

any vid of diz floozy raping DOCETZ to compare?


There’s a Grieg concerto which I need to finish listening to, I started it but the somewhat distant sound (despite it being a radio broadcast) put me off finishing it.


I’ll agree that for the most part females just don’t have the powerful sound that some men more often have but I wonder how much of this is psychological?

I remember Horowitz thinking Argerich was a man when hearing a rec


Anyone can have a big sound on recordings, the true litmus test is what they are able to achieve in the hall.


How much of a big sound is volume/force and how much is control of the relativity of tone?

How would you define the difference between a thunderous round fortissimo and a bangy clangy sound?


Good question. In the hall, I’ve only heard the latter.


I think there’s physical force& weight and then there’s control which is the ear-finger connection balancing the nuance of volume when it comes to the voicing of each note, particularly in chordal passages.

This etude no2, not good for thunderous fortes but it’s a great test of dynamic control.


Tbh I think the polka is better than da ho car, or at least more convincing as a cover of the original. In itself that’s pretty wikid, as I think the polka is at least one level harder. Amazing tech, sound isn’t quite meaty enough to compete fully, but perhaps as much as anything it’s just that :ho: and :zif: have such strong musical personalities that it’s very difficult for anyone to match up.


I can’t quite get my head around this idea of power and male vs. female pianists. I mean, da HO was basically a 97-pound weakling, and he had huge sound, almost till the end. Does da WANG or da Kristina Miller weigh much less? And I bet they go to the gym more often…


From what I’ve read Horowitz played quite softly towards the end. I don’t know how many people here were lucky enough to hear him live, but I’d be interested to know if this were true or not. YW probably weighs 100 pounds soaking wet, but she can play surprisingly loud for someone that size (of course it can’t be compared to more “bangy” pianists such as Kissin).


I think these extremes in strength, endurance or tonal resources can sometimes give it away, since I haven’t heard them yet from a woman, but my experience is otherwise that it’s hard to tell a woman from a man on recordings. Which is surprising since you’d think personality is expressed through music, and I do think there are relatively clear personality differences men/woman IRL. Most pianists I don’t associate with a particular gender, but Bachauer, Grinberg, Timofeyeva, Hess for instance do sound distinctly masculine to me (as does Richter, Gilels, Sokolov among the men).


Yeah, and it always amuses me that Cziffra is ultramacho in Liszt and in the Chopetz, but I find him distinctly feminine in Beethoven.


Hahaha da “soaking wet”

I see whut u did dere


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