Kristina Miller unleashes. Yuja Wang dethroned?


hahahahahaha :sunglasses:


Truuuu AND it’s EASY fo da MT.

Jeez. Dat party unleash where he chills thru da FF n 10/2 juz wow! Wow!



opinions on this Rach? Mixed feelings, parts feel a bit tasteless, others impressive. I keep trying to like her but most of what she plays is trash and the rest a bit questionable in taste IMO, though she’s got something


What she’s got is one of the best mechanisms I’ve heard. Musically, it’s not how I like it. However, this is one I played myself so I have pretty fixed conception of how I think it should go. I didn’t like the way YW played it either, when I heard her play it live.


Yeah when I say something I mean she has some distinctly romantic manner of expression. I like that, but there’s a trashy element in the interp that I dislike too. It’s hard to say. She’s got more character than YW though IMO.


hahahaha man thiz 39/1 iz of courze great but aftah tha live RECTUM `2,22 ther iz no one :rectum:
everyone elze, thiz rec includd, uze too much rubato n phr*zing

pozz tha LUGY iz a gud zecond :medal_silver:
n i haffnt heard it recently but wud imagin tha HJ LIM iz probably a cloze az well :sunglasses: :icon_stopw_sdc_473:


i remembah da NOR unleazhin diz zong

in a zumwut liztenable interp :sunglasses:


Kristina Miller and Elizaveta Miller (elizaveta miller Archives - Yale School of Music), two Millers from Moscow, both pianists …:thinking::thinking::thinking:

are they sisters???


r u da dad? :sunglasses:


O.K. but it’s a secret.


ahahaha REZPEC


yo daughtah/wyf/ziz play lyk a TRU FUCKIN LEGEND, u zhud be very proud tru :sunglasses:



Rezpek you n yo daughtaz!