LP Transfer science breakthrough - FUUUUUCK its perfecto now!

So listen to this Kempf 1974 Spazioloso LP transfer with the newer science driven ways.


Big progress on freq corrective EQ to make my gear not distort what is on the record. Aside from that just declicked and derumbled this mofo and got the impedence in a better spot with some rewiring of cartridge leads. Double FUCK!

What should I do / redo now that I got it rightish?


If you have the Gilels/Ormandy Rach3 LP, the transfer would be cool!

I don’t but will see if I can snag something on discogs.

Done! Snagged one for 9.99 on there. Will transfer when it arrives.

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Great! That LP used to cost a fortune! Looking forward to your transfer!

Great result, but way too late! I sold my LP-collection 20 years ago.

That was a smart move! This hobby really expensive ~!!

If you ever see the Jacques Février Brahms LP, I’d love to hear what that really sounds like.

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Will keep an eye out for it.

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I would be really interested to listening to any Feltsman rec on Melodiya…

I bought some Timofeyeva recs recently should be interesting. I have Felstman’s Carnegie debut on CD I believe. Hopefully it doesn’t sound like that playing. A bit dry for me ; )



Turns out I have some early feltsman. Will last some later today.



Thanks, bro! Much appreciated!