(mp3) daTM zit down n cold unleash da pad comp selection (decent audio) :tm: :tmfury:



Brotha 111 movt 1
Pimp Willie n Orage
Scribet 65-3

commentaire by da TM zenzei motha :dong:

88: da heaviest, moz beat up 88 I cud find at ma work, damn what a hard fucker to play :tmfury:

mp3 link tru

FLAC LINK @xsdc tru :sunglasses:


4 days left tru.


diz iz borin compared to da myztery penizt
but da zenzei motha not a fan of da myztery penizt iz zhe ?


Da TM zenzei trained ma azz fo an objective, quasi-mediocre COMP interp

I gotta spend da last few days working on orgasmatron facials

I dun know whut would be worse, showing her ma mystery penist recs or introducing ma crazyass chick



REZPEC fo talkin back at random pointz, hopefully twuz to voice yo ztrong dizapproval :sunglasses:

HAHAHAHA da TM motha tone of voice almoz zarcazdick at tymz, lyk

‘yeah, nailed it, wooohooo :roll_eyes:

fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk diz cryztaline coldfart, REZPEC diz inzane RAW MIDI approach


y iz zhe talkin durin da ORAGE :sunglasses:


randomly tiz very lykly u iz da only mofo who play diz et fo da non-chopet et zelexion. diz fo zhor increaze da PAZZ probability


Hahaha da TM zenzei always talk along during playthruz

Tru, diz mostly pointing out balance issues n rhythmical zheeyatz.


Hahaha no, it wuz mostly “ok, truu, I will try my bezt to maintain a pimpazz stable rhythm”


Tru, diz now ma tempo, not too fast dat it lack powah.


Rezpek da warmup…

and da trumomma lezzon :wink:

your op 111 is a bit mellow for me in some places where I think it should be abrasive (and the fs could do with more body in the tone production also - might be da 88, of course), it still retains decent rhythmic drive though and when cantabile is called for you do hit the spot, imo. I don’t expect the intimate to be more convincing than the fury on dis forum haha. I’ll check out the rest later.





I don’t really get on with da first pimp item, so I won’t comment on it. Orage you play better than I ever could: I think it has a nasty habit of showing up deficiencies in lh oct tech, and I didn’t hear any significant hesistancies in your perf, my problem would more be that it doesn’t have the sheer fuck you factor present in eg da bear’z playing. Again, maybe it’s the 88, maybe it’s the way you feel obligated to play by the circumstances, maybe da bear is an impossibly high standard, I don’t know. To me it comes across as very polished, but also a little polite.

Da scribet I don’t know but it sounds great. Da trumomma sounded rather animated, dunno if that’s a good sign!

I don’t think I would normally be even remotely critical of this playing; it’s at a high level, but I’d like to see you do super well in dis comp, it would be richly deserved. I don’t even know if the suggestions I’ve made are even comp-appropriate, they’re kinda my own view in terms of trying to put a finger on what might be missing at the highest artistic level.


Tru, randomly good ears.

By TM standards diz an extremely mellow perf, randomly I find it VERY hard to find da good balance between controlled comp interp n

SDC style rape

Or myztery penist interp rape

Imma have to be mo energedick in da op 111 fo da comp but wizout getting too violent or losing rhythmic stability.

Da TM playin still swinging between da extremes. Damn! Ok, I haff a few days to find a gud compromise


I’ll try and do a ballsier runthru on Sunday,

Den use Monday n Tuesday as ma chill day, slow prax, focus, think of tempi n really focus on a gud middle ground between ma tru favorite extremes.

And maybe cultivate a makzim style profound as fuck look :dong:


TRU da FEZTINMOFO already give zum gensui pointz. Obviouzly u need no penizdick advice, zo da zepp vil offah zum interp guidance on da 111 :sunglasses:

Diz zong

da zepp haff alwayz maintained

iz juz da DEAF BROTHA dezperately tryin to remembah how to impro in hiz fav key, n failin hard :sunglasses:

U need to cuntvey da anger, zadnezz, fruztration, defiance n rezignation, n in doin zo reveal da objective zheeyatnezz of diz m*zik :lib:

In fact, if da BROTHA cud hear a perf of da PATHDICK at da tym he cumpozed da 111

Twud be lyk

da ORGY today lookin at a pic of herzelf circa chopcomp tym :orgy:

If u can cuntvey diz exact feelin, u vil haff zucceeded in interpin diz zong

REZPEC :sunglasses:



Daim da zepp muzicological genzui

Da zheeyat about da 111 is da TM struggle not to accidentally unleash da first movt twice as fast

Diz mofo is hard profound fuckah to hold down. Damn!


Haha da TM-Hui saga IC


Ahahahaha truuu wiz yo legendary tech I dun doubt u can eazily unleazh a 5min interp

But dat wud actually make diz zong zound GENSUI n WIKID

Defeatin da whole purpoze :sunglasses:


Hahahaha, diz fuckin analogy!




@da_zepp @festinfurious

:zepp: da cold UNLEAZH style cummah

I cold unleash any one of these songs randomly, on any 88 fo prep.

Diz wuz a cold unleash I did fo ma student, who filmed it wiz his potato :potato: